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Winter Is For Warm Women's Sweaters
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Well, "Ole Man Frost" will soon be chilling us to the bone in those climates where he does his best work. Winter officially arrives on December 21st, the "Winter Solstice" and is the shortest day of the year. Winter onsets when the rotation of the Earth has tilted, putting the Sun in the Southern Hemisphere. With winter comes freezing temperatures, blowing snow, and short hours of daylight. Driving can be hazardous, cars slide on the icy streets out of control and crash into something. For some people winter is not their favorite season.

But, there are those who can't wait for that first snow storm. The winter sports season has begun. Skiing, sledding, cross country skiing, and of course the winter festivals. This is when dressing warm is a must. Ladies don those Women's Sweaters(, off the shoulder sweaters, off shoulder long sleeved tops. The object here is to keep warm in style. So, ladies enjoy your favorite winter sport and dress warm in the process. Where do you go to find the best winter fashions on the planet?, is the place.

At one will find the latest in the fashion world, women's Off Shoulder Sweaters(, off shoulder fashions, such as, off shoulder long sleeved tops and women's sweaters. The prices for these items are so reasonable that one could afford to buy two or three outfits. You will set the fashion trend on the slopes when you are seen wearing the clothes you got at Don't be ashamed to tell anyone who asks where you got that beautiful women's sweater, or the gorgeous off shoulder top. Seeing is believing, believing is buying at

So, when "old man" winter tries to freeze you out, shrug him off. You are not only warm in
that women's sweater, off shoulder sweater, off shoulder long sleeved blouses, or Off The Shoulder Tops(, but you are a fashion statement, thanks to You now know where to shop for the best functional, fashionable clothing anywhere. Tell your friends so they too can be bundled in warm fashion as well.
Shop well, shop wise, shop ZNU.
Znu, Women's Clothing Stores And Wholesale Shopping
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Wholesaling is big business worldwide. Wholesaling works like this: A manufacturer
makes the product, then the product is shipped to a holding warehouse the wholesaler. The wholesaler then sells the product out of the warehouse to a retailer. The retailer then sells the product to the general public. The manufacturer usually sells the product to the warehouse or the wholesaler for a minimal fee. The wholesaler then marks the product up when it's sells to the retailer. Again, the product is marked up by the retailer when the goods are sold to the public.

In most cases online shopping cuts out the middleman and sells directly to the public. This reduces the price of the product when someone buys online. There is no floor fee which is charged by wholesalers to store the product before the retailer's purchase it. Online shopping especially, direct from the manufacturer could cause financial stress for wholesalers. In some cases, the online shopper actually goes to the wholesale warehouse to look for items to buy. This also keeps the cost of retail goods lower than one would pay for them out of a retail shop.

ZNU may not be an actual wholesaler but, the company does offer a wholesale program online. The Women's Clothing( sold by ZNU online are priced so close to wholesale, what's the difference?

Unlike women's clothing stores, ZNU markets their clothes online and does not have a physical women's clothing store. All shopping is done at the ZNU's website. ZNU offers many styles of clothing. The new look seems to be the off shoulder look, the off shoulder sweater, off shoulder blouse and so on. So ladies order that gorgeous looking Off The Shoulder Sweaters( or that terrific looking Off The Shoulder Blouses( or t-shirt. Take those new styles with you on your next trip. You will look great at any function you attend while you're vacationing or even on a business trip.

So beat the retail price, go directly to order your stuff online. It'll seem like you paid wholesale for those new fashions that you can take with you wherever you travel.
So remember shopwise, shopwell, shop ZNU.
Buying That Blouse From Is More Fun Than Window Shopping
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The business of selling men's and Women's Clothing( in the United States was fueled by the expansion west in the 1860s. with the Homestead Act of 1862, many Americans moved West. They took their needs with them but not the places to shop. They left the mercantiles and the little shops behind in the cities as they moved west. There were no cities or towns where the homesteaders staked their claims. As the homesteaders built towns, one of the first businesses to go up where the mercantiles.

R. W. Sears seized the opportunity to get some of the business from these people who is move west. He create it what is now known as the Sears and Roebuck catalog. At first it was just a mailed out flyer advertising watches and jewelry. By 1897 the Sears and Roebuck catalog had just about everything in it that anyone would want to keep their new homesteads going. There was even a section in the Sears catalog with building materials, so the new homesteader could build his own buildings. The new homesteader could now order just about everything they needed including clothes men's clothing and women's clothing were for sale.

Fast forward to today the catalog is pretty much gone. In its place the difference retailers selling clothing for both men and women have online sites, so the clothes can be viewed before you purchase them. It saves going to the physical retail store and looking for clothes that have already been picked over by other customers.

One of the best places to find women's clothing such as sweaters, Blouses( and women's fashion clothes is The styles are great, the fashions fantastic and there's something for any woman regardless of her mood. There are off shoulder blouses, long sleeve blouses, even short sleeve blouses. The fashions and styles are as varied as the women who wear them.

The business of selling women's Off The Shoulder Blouses( and fashions has taken a big step forward. is the place to find just about everything in the world of women's fashions, which are too numerous to describe here. Remember Shopwise shopwell shop ZNU.
Women's Blouses Is Big Business
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Are you a window shopper? Someone who strolls down a street or through a mall and only look at the items on display in a store window.
Are you a "cyber window shopper," one who browses the online shopping websites just looking at what is on sale? You look and look with no intention to buy.

Window shopping can be a good thing, that is, you can see what the new fashion trends are.
By window shopping you may want to compare the prices of items in the different stores. Then you can decide whether or not to buy. Once you find something to buy, simply wait for the next sale. And, hope it is still in style.

Let's face it, some shop owners are skilled in displaying their good in such a way that you have to have it. The same can be said for online stores as well. Retailers are always using sales techniques to convert window shoppers into spenders. After all, retailers make their living selling their wares to the shopping public. Some window shoppers believe in buying items only when they need something new. Frugality is the name of the game.

With all that said, shopping can be fun. It also can be expensive, especially if you buy high end items. Expensive clothes, jewelry, cars, sit can undercut one's budget. There is a solution to this dilemma, enter Yes, their online store uses eye catching displays to entice one to buy. Here is the difference, what they charge per item is so reasonable, a hundred dollars will get you five or six items. They display the latest fashions, such as, Off The Shoulder( blouses, sweaters, knit tops, you name it they have it.

Window shop all you want at Look at the many photos of the latest fashions available, worn by real models revealing the best blouses, off shoulder tops, sweaters, whatever suits your fancy. When you finally buy an Off The Shoulder Blouse(, or a sweater, or even a knit top, you haven't paid too much for it.
Shop well, shop wise, shop ZNU.
Shopping For Blouses Is An Art
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Fashion is a fast paced business and is constantly changing. New fashion designs modeled on the runways of Paris can become the rags of tomorrow. In days of yore, when fashion designers showed their newest concoction, say in Paris, those fashions were a hit in France, maybe England. By the time the slow traveling fashion news reached New York, the Paris fashion designers were coming out with even newer fashions. The early high end fashions were primarily made for European royalty. Retailers would view these fashions and the have "knockoff" versions made to put on their racks. By using their own seamstresses, retailers could alter the look to a more suitable one to fit what his customers wanted.

Fashion is the newest trend or style in clothing, created by a famous designers like Dior, or Channel. But, really, fashion is an art form and a lot of work goes into creating new fashions. New concepts are rough sketched on paper, the designer works out the right length of sleeve proportional to the cut of the body of the Blouses( Once all the details have been worked out, a pattern is created showing each piece of blouse separately. Fabric is laid out and the pattern is drawn onto the fabric. Each piece of the blouse is cut from the fabric, pinned together, placed on a mannequin and adjustments made. Once satisfied with the design, the blouse is sent to the seamstress to be sewn together. This is a layman's overview of how it is done. Fashion design is an art.

Where do sassy new Off The Shoulder Blouses( go after coming off the assembly line? They go to online shopping sites like There, not only will you find the new blouses, long sleeved blouses and women's fashion clothes. You might very well find a whole new shopping experience and some new styles you have not seen before. With their pricing structure, you might have found your niche for shopping online, Wearing the fashion Women's Clothing( you purchased from will make you feel like a world traveler, someone famous, or someone who is wealthy. Truth is you are just a working girl on a budget.
Shop wise, Shop well, Shop ZNU.
Blouses Are Fashion
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Shopping is an art, the ability to find good quality clothing for reasonable prices, is what it's all about. The thinking that the higher the price, the higher the quality of the fabric the clothing is made from. That is a false premise, today's manufacturers cannot afford to put together poor quality Women's Clothing( and sell it for higher prices, it will come back to haunt them. Retailers study and understand the psychology of shopping. To make a buyer believe a higher price equates higher-quality is one of the tricks of the trade.

A well-informed shopper is one who researches the quality of the different fabrics clothing is made from. Therefore, a well-informed shopper will know that the quality of the cloth is the same whether from a chain store with low prices, or a high-end retail store with high prices. Being informed helps a shopper make better purchase decisions. Knowing the quality of the fabric the clothing is made from takes the uncertainty out of shopping.

Another technique used by retailers to make sure their profits stay at the high end, is the no refund policy, once an item is purchased. The theory is once you bought it, you have to wear it, otherwise, you'd be wasting money. So once again, the shopper has to research the retailers who allow for returns and refunds.

One more technique used by retailers is having celebrities or high-end models show off the clothing. Then put the clothing on sale for a limited time or to indicate that the clothing quantity is limited.

So when someone says shopping is an art, it couldn't be more accurate. On the website a shopper will see a model wearing the clothing. This is to let the buyer see what that article of clothing, whether it is an Off The Shoulder Blouse(, off shoulder black top, a sweater, or a sweatshirt looks on a human body. These models don't appear to be celebrities or high end models. It makes it easier for the buyer to decide on what item of women's fashion clothes to buy. There are psychological techniques used to entice shoppers to buy. Those techniques should be used to create a customer into buying but rather to inform the customer and making a better purchase decision.
Shopwise, shopwell, shop ZNU.
Women's Sweaters Just Might Fit In At The Prom
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The most awaited social event, for those attending college or in high school, is the junior or senior class prom. This is a formal attire event and preparation begins months in advance. Mainly, the location where the prom is to be held needs to be secured well in advance. Reservations for the nightclubs or fancy upscale restaurants also have to have advanced warnings. In some cases, a group of friends will collectively rent a stretch limo, also, well in advance of the prom.

There is a to do list for each prom attendee to complete as well. The guys have to order corsages for their ladies. Tuxedos have to be pre-ordered and fitted, usually tuxedos are rented from local clothing stores. For the ladies, they have to attain the prom dress, done in advance as well. Here is where there are some differences between the boys and the girls. In some cases prom dresses can be rented the same way that tuxedos are. But, some young ladies prefer to buy the prom dress or have it made for them. Again, all this has to be done well before the big party. In addition, the ladies also have to order the boutonniere they will pin to their guy's lapel.

Aaah, the big night is here. If a stretch limo has been obtained for the night, it picks up the guys first. Then drives to each of the young ladies abodes, each guy personally picks up his date. First stop, the nightclub or restaurant, where the gussied up dine on fine cuisine. After that, the limo delivers the promenaders to the prom. Hopefully, everyone was at their best behavior and a good time was had by all.

If you are one the ladies of the prom who will buy your prom dress online, one website is for you, Besides having the best fashions in women's sweaters, Off Shoulder( long sleeved tops, you can browse the party dresses as well. Just an example; you will find a maxi length sleeveless chiffon dress or a maxi half sleeved dress, just a thought. Since some proms are held in April, a Women's Sweater( or a off shoulder long sleeved top, just in case there is a chill in the air.
Shop wise, shop well, shop ZNU.
ZNU, Women's Sweaters And Success
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Without the internet and The World Wide Web,'s success may not have happened. The race to develop the internet actually began as a result of the Russian launch of the communications satellite "Sputnik" in 1957. Since that time, the U.S. Government using university research, such as MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, to work out the differences that existed between computers. The work was slow, with different breakthroughs occurring now and then. Then in 1974 the term "internet" was coined as a result of the design of a "Transmission Control Program." In 1980 the "NSFnet" was created, this became the foundation of what is now the global internet. Development trudged on and in 1984 a computer in Germany received an email sent from a computer in the U.S. The World Wide Web was coming together. By 1990 the internet had gone pretty much public.

By 1995 the web was in full operation and one of the titans in online sales was launched. September 1995 "AuctionWeb" was launched by Pierre Omidyar offering online sales to the internet public. AuctionWeb officially recorded 7.2 million dollars in sales by June 1996. eBay is true American success story and in July 2002 acquired PayPal. Who hasn't used eBay to buy or sell something?

On July 5th 1994 about a year before eBay, Jeff Bezos launched "" first sold online music, books, videos and of course now sells just about everything online that can be sold. Like eBay, sells items from other retailers such as; Target, Circuit City, the Borders group and the list goes on and on.

Enter in 2012 by using eBay's services, began selling vintage clothing.'s popularity grew fast enough that in December 2012 became an online entity of its own. is now considered a professional online shopping mall dedicated to providing the very best service to its customers.

To see for yourself login to and browse the latest in beautiful fashions. You will find Women's Sweaters(, off shoulder tops and off the shoulder sweaters. This not a bidding site like eBay, no, with the lowest prices possible for the clothing sells, there is no need to bid. The styles are the latest available anywhere on the web. Besides the neatest clothes any woman would want to drape over her shoulders, there are accessories as well. There are rings, shoes, bracelets, hats and necklaces, all beautifully designed to accent that Women's Clothing( you just purchased from
Shop wise, shop well, shop ZNU.
Women's Sweaters Are In Style On The Fashion Catwalk
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The early fashion show was a small affair designed for the wealthiest of customers. The designers would hire women models, known as "mannequins," to parade around wearing the latest fashions. Prospective buyers would sip tea and nibble cookies while observing the fashion designers latest concoctions. Of course, the media would be invited to photograph and report on the fashion event. These fashion displays would go on every day for several weeks, three to four hours a day. It probably took a long time for the newest designs in Women's Clothing( fashion to come into vogue.

Today things are somewhat different, yes, there are still the big fashion shows. In Paris, Milan, New York, models still strut the catwalks and runways modeling the top designer's latest in trend setting clothing. And, they are media feeding frenzy events. But, a new way of getting the latest fashions out to the buying public has emerged, the fashion blogger. Actually, the first blog was not on a website, no, it was in the New York Times. In 1978, some impromptu photographs of Greta Garbo were published by Bill Cunningham in his "street style column." From 1992 until 1999 most of the blogs personal were diaries with the bloggers posting their own experiences online. Then in 2002, fashion blogs began to emerge. The rest is fashion blogging history. Fashion blogs are everywhere, even uses fashion bloggers. uses what they refer to as the "fashion blogger program." The goal is to allow bloggers with different blogging styles promote's web site through their blogs. After the blogger passes the requirements test, they are encouraged to use social media(Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Etc.) to promote fashions.

If an online shopper is interested in what a blogger has to say about the latest fashions on, they log onto their favorite blogger's site and read the reviews. Of course, the blogger is going to report on the high quality fashions for sale at, such as Women's Sweaters(, Off Shoulder( blouses and so on. The blogger will reveal the low cost of the stylish clothing she is writing about and even display pictures of the amazing fashions. The fashion show just got trendier with bloggers revealing the beautiful fashions designed for
Shop wise, shop well, shop ZNU.
Which Women's Sweater Do I Wear To The Dinner Party?
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So, you have been invited to a party, "what do I wear?" The invitation was received by email and requested an RSVP. What to do? First, check your calendar and verify if you have that date free. Then respond with your RSVP, keep it formal, accept with pleasure and decline with regrets. Responding gives the host an idea of who is attending or not. If the invitation is an informal one, say via email, you can RSVP by email. With the RSVP out of the way, what next?

The next thing to do is look to see what you have to wear. As usual you have nothing that is suitable to wear. You will more than likely need a new outfit for this party. You have plenty of time to search the local shops and boutiques for a new outfit. You spend the next week strolling the malls, boutiques, you even look online for something to wear. The web sites you have browsed don't have what you are looking for. In desperation you call a close friend, who tells you about a new website that has everything for the fashion conscious young lady that you are. she tells you and soon you are browsing their website. The clothing that you see displayed on their web pages, are the most stunning fashions you have ever seen. You see that the clothes are worn by models, not just clothes laid out on tables. You see what these great fashions look like on a person. You browse through the different styles, then you see them. A beautiful Women's Sweater(, loose fitting, long sleeved with split sides. A long sleeved top in just the right color. And, finally you see an Off The Shoulder Blouse( that is a must have.

Then you see the prices for each item and you can't believe how reasonable's price structure is for these gorgeous fashions. You select all three, fill out the required info to confirm the purchase and click the purchase box. Wala, you are done and you will have three of the neatest fashions on your doorstep in time for that invitation only party. Someone at that party will ask you where got that beautiful Off The Shoulder Sweater( and you will say, "From"
Shop wise, shop well, shop ZNU.
Beauty And The Women's Sweater
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They say that woman is beautiful. Are they describing her outward appearance, her makeup, the way her hair is done? Do they mean her inner strength, her poise, her confidence, her self esteem? Just what is beauty? Which is more defining outward physical beauty or inner self confidence, the knowledge of who she is?

Some who define beauty say the way one appears to others is the real beauty. The way the face is formed, or the color of the eyes, the hair style and color and so on. Look around, society has been programed to revere physical beauty, to wear designer clothes, maintain that desired physical appearance, and be the perfect woman. Let's face it society has been brainwashed to believe that physical beauty is the only redeeming quality that counts. Well, that is just one side of the coin.

The other side of the coin is: Inner beauty is the real defining quality. When women are confident in who they are, they exude a radiant beauty that doesn't require a lot of fixing up. Real inner beauty is reflected in the eyes of a woman who has strong self esteem, is confident in herself, she has real character. No one wants to be around a woman who is physically beautiful, but, whose personality leaves a lot to be desired. She's nice to look at, unpleasant to be around.

Since society is dictating that outer beauty is more the more important quality to being beautiful. They use such phrases as, "beauty is only skin deep, or beauty is in the eye of the beholder." These catch phrases have seen their day. Beauty should be judged by the sum of all the parts, physical appearance, the inner confidence, personality, all the attributes that make up the whole person. Then one can say she is truly beautiful.

The woman who is confident in herself, knows what she wants and has a pleasing personality, is much better to be around and looks great in the clothes she wears. Enter where the real beauty can find the latest in Women's Sweaters(, long sleeved sweaters or Off The Shoulder Sweaters( The latest fashions displayed on the pages of the website are designed to enhance the physical appearance and the inner beauty of any woman who wears them. Get a boost in attitude when you see the prices, has some of the best prices on the planet.
Shop well, shop wise, shop ZNU.
Swimwear, The Water And You
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Swimming has been around for very long time. As far back as nine thousand BC, rock paintings in Egypt depict people swimming.
The technique was quite primitive, from the depictions it appears that early man used a variation of the breaststroke or the doggy paddle. Most likely man started swimming to escape predators or enemies. In about three thousand BC swimming pools began to show up in the architecture, some measured thirty meters by sixty meters in size.

Swimming first came to the Olympic Games in Athens in 1896 and was a men only competition. Since then swimming has become a worldwide sport. There is synchronized swimming, water polo, water volleyball, you name it, if it can be played in water, it will be. Just about every college, university and high school has a swim team. The game of swimming is everywhere.

That brings us to what to wear when in the water. In the 1700's ladies wanting to swim had to don a smock like bathing gown, wear gloves and have weights sewn into the hem of the gown to prevent it from riding up exposing their legs. Modesty prevailed. This dress with bloomers remained pretty much the style for women bathers until the 1900's. Once women started to compete in the sport of swimming with men the heavy water logging fabric was abandoned. By the 1920's the one piece swimsuit emerged allowing the ladies to show off a little more skin. The first "Bikini(" was introduced on July 5, 1946.

And today where does a fashion conscious young lady go to get the finest and sexiest Swimwear( on the planet, Not only does offer the finest in fashion clothes, women's sweaters, long sleeve tops, but, also swimwear. There are bikinis, such as, Crossed Bandage Black Halter Bikini, the Tribal Ethnic Scoop Neck Bikini, just to mention two. One piece suits that are sheer fashion magic, the One Piece Pierced Halter Swimsuit, the Strapless One Piece Swimsuits( The list goes on and on. You will not believe the prices for these stunning swimsuits. Check it out for yourself at and you won't believe what's available.
Shop wise, shop well, shop ZNU.
Beauty And The Off Shoulder Sweater
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The fashion design industry got its start in the 19th century when a designer named Charles Frederick Worth sewed labels into his created garments. Worth became so famous, that in 1853 Napoleon II declared that, no one could visit his court without being in formal dress. The proclamation was a testament to Worth's popularity as a gown maker at the time. Worth's gowns were constructed with the finest materials and ornately decorated.

During the French fashion era known as, "Belle Epoque" the fashions worn by the fashion "elite" were rather similar to that of Charles Worth. By 1910 a designer named Paul Poiret created fashions to reflect the Oriental look. This Oriental style of fashion gave the clothes designed by Poiret that Kimono look, transforming the ladies who wore them into Geisha girls. With Poiret's designs came the ability for women to get dressed without help.

The "Golden Age of French Fashion" was nestled between World war I and World War II. Cars were appearing on the roads, the crown heads of Europe shed their crowns. The "Haute Couture" found new clients.

As time marched on so did the changes in the fashion world. The 1920s brought us the "Flapper" style, the shorter skirt. The 1930s saw a shift to knee length dresses and a more modest look; so on and so forth. By the 1960s the French domination of fashion ended. What emerged was a free style of fashion, the "Hippie Look" and by 1965 the mini-skirt became a fashion statement and is still in play today.

Where does a discerning fashion conscious young lady get the latest in fashions? At thats where. The online store she will find Women's Sweaters(, long sleeved tops and the ever popular blouse. The clothing displayed is modeled by real models, so one sees what the item looks on someone. The clothes are not just laid out on a table then photographed. One will see the latest fashion trend available anywhere. Some fashions may be unique to The other benefit of buying Women's Clothing( from is the money you will save.
Shop well, shop wise, shop ZNU.
Fashion Is That New Women's Sweater
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Women spend a lot of time worrying about beauty. They worry if they're pretty enough, are they too fat, too skinny, too short it just doesn't stop. Women spend a lot of time in front of the mirror, putting on makeup, adjusting their hair, trying to look presentable to the world. They spend far too much time trying to look beautiful than actually being beautiful.

Beauty is far deeper than how one looks. The beauty of a person comes from within them; their heart, their moral character, that's what makes people beautiful. Physical beauty is only skin deep, beauty of one's character comes from the soul. Beauty is a natural healthy attitude about who one is. Someone who is comfortable with themselves.

A lot of money is spent on makeup to keep women beautiful. They apply lipstick, eye shadow, eye liner, foundation and so on; just to look beautiful. They want to look their best for the men in their lives and of course they want to present a pretty face when they go out in public. Therefore women use makeup to make themselves presentable. To be quite honest, a beautiful woman does not need a lot of makeup to be beautiful.

There is another way, added to using makeup, that can bring out and enhance the beauty of any woman. Clothing can further add one's beauty. Choosing the right clothing for the right occasion will often do the trick. Adding a very attractive Off Shoulder Sweaters( maybe a good choice when going out for the evening. The off shoulder look allows just the right amount of skin to be shown. Match the color of the outfit to either the lipstick or the color of the eye shadow, resulting in a social hit.

This is where comes in handy. Go online to ZNU and find the Off The Shoulder( sweater that will be perfect for the outing you are planning to attend. ZNU offers a variety of styles and colors in the off shoulder sweater lineup. The off shoulder sweaters that you can order from the ZNU website will make any night out a success. The price you will pay for the Off Shoulder( sweaters found at will not break any budget.

So remember shop wise, shop well, shop ZNU.
The Women's Sweater Makes It A Two Piece Outfit
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Halloween is an off shoot of the Celtic festival of Samhain, or "summer's end." This was the time of year that the Celts gathered in their crops and prepared for winter. With the coming of winter, the Celts believed that they had to appease spirits of the underworld in order to ensure good crops next year. Sacred bonfires were built, animals and crops sacrificed, food placed on door steps to ward off evil spirits. Grotesque faces were carved into turnips, again, to ward off spirits. This carving of turnips over time warped into pumpkin carving, thus the "Jack O Lantern."

Enter the Romans, who conquered the Celts, began to impose the Christian values on the pagan worshiping Celts. The Catholic Church had its own celebration at the same time the Celts had the Festival of Samhain. The Catholics celebration was in honor of fallen saints and martyrs, known as "All Saint's Day." And was later referred to as "All-Hallows Eve." You know the rest, we now know it as "Halloween."

After coming to America with Irish immigrants escaping the potato famine, Halloween lost most of the superstitions and religious traditions. As Halloween caught on in the U. S. it became an event geared toward children. The little cherubs don costumes resembling witches, fictional characters, famous people and so on; trudge through their neighborhoods saying, "trick or treat." They are usually rewarded with fruit or candy. Chocolate is the number one preferred treat by children. Halloween is a six billion dollar a year business in the U. S.

If you are one of those lucky mothers who gets to accompany your children trick or treating, you will want to look great while doing so. So, where to go to find great clothes for great deals, that's where. There you will find the most stylish clothes sold anywhere. Two piece outfits that are a must have, the styles of women's sweaters will blow your mind, and the Off Shoulder( look is so abundant, you will not know where to start. And when you see the prices for these great styles, you will know that you just found your shopping heaven. And, don't forget to tell all your friends where you got all these fashionable Women's Clothing(,
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Wear That New Women's Sweater To The Party
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We know that during the days of the Roman Empire that Rome was famous for its parties. One Roman party lasted over one hundred days.

Apparently, this drunken orgy consisted of gladiators fighting, Roman actors performing plays and animals were sacrificed. This debauchery took place in Rome's new Colosseum. And, to finish off the event, the Colosseum was filled with water, battleships were constructed inside and two naval battles were fought. Known as "Naumachia," the armies in these two battles fought to the death. Talk about a party.

The Wari people of South America, about a thousand years ago, threw a drunken party then vanished off the face of the earth. Researchers have discovered that the Wari built a massive brewery, one big enough to produce over one thousand liters of booze a day. When the party was over, they torched the brewery and walked into oblivion. Alexander the Great in a drunken stupor, along with his army destroyed the city of Persepolis. Alexander and his drunken men, after marching a long way to conquer Persepolis, put a torch to it and burned the city to the ground.

So, we can see from history that some ancient parties had dire consequences. Today, the party goer is more civilized, more refined and parties responsibly. Yes, there are people who drink too much and cause trouble, but, they don't burn cities down.

Now the fashionable young lady who wants to attend party in style need look no further than Once on the website, she can look for Women's Sweaters(, off shoulder tops, and the ever fashionable off the shoulder sweater. She can browse the website for the best fashion trends found anywhere on the internet. So, if the off shoulder sweater is not her cup of tea for the upcoming party, there other styles to choose from. There are long sleeved sweatshirts, blouses, even really cool looking dresses. The list is endless at and the pricing is one of the lowest on the internet. Whether it is that women's sweater, the Off Shoulder( look, or the off the shoulder sweater or whatever style one chooses is the place to go.
Shop well, shop wise, shop ZNU.
About Shopping And Off Shoulder Tops
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Shopping is a necessary part of life, you shop for groceries, you shop for lawn and garden supplies and you shop for clothes. There are online blogs explaining how to shop, where to shop and what to buy. Some people like to shop, the shop every chance they get. Some people shop so much they are known as 'shopaholics.' These people shop just to shop and spend money.

No matter how much you shop, sometimes
shopping isn't always a good experience. Sales people can be pushy, stores can be so crowded and the merchandise so picked over that it isn't always a fun time. Some sales people even treat you as though you should not be shopping in their store. Another set back to shopping is when you find something you want but, it's not in your size.

Shopping can be rewarding and fulfilling. When your favorite store has a big sale with lots of discounts and coupon savings. Many stores offer additional discounts when you spend a certain amount of money. Finding the right article of Women's Clothing( that fits you and it's on sale can be very satisfying.

That brings us to shopping paradise the internet. Just about every physical store has online shopping. They all seem to have done it; Macy's, J.C.Penney, even Walmart and of course there is eBay and Amazon as well. There are also numerous online shopping sites that are not connected to any major store.

And that brings us to the star of this article. an online shopping experience that can be nothing but pleasing and fulfilling. At ZNU, Shopping for a shoulder clothing couldn't be simpler. on the website you will find Off The Shoulder Tops( in every style and size to fit every woman. The off shoulder tops are as varied as the women they are made for. There are crochet, lace, knit, crumpled sleeve, half sleeve, you name it, ZNU has it. The prices are reasonable, most Off Shoulder( tops sell for less than $15.00. Try to find those prices in the big name physical store. If you are a casual shopper, looking to replace worn out clothing. A fashion shopper looking for the newest styles on the market. Or, a 'shopaholic' on a buying spree, ZNU has what you are looking for.
So remember shop well, shop wise shop ZNU.
ZNU: The Leader In The Off Shoulder Look
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In 2008 ZNU was founded and in 2012 joined forces with eBay to sell vintage clothes. ZNU became one of the fastest growing Women's Clothing( online shopping boutiques on eBay. And by 2014 orders had reached over 3000. By December 2014 ZNU opened its own online fashion store. The customers needs are the full focus of a highly motivated team of individuals. ZNU offers VIP services which allows you to save money by getting a lower price than the normal customer. A purchase of over $30 will get the order upgraded to express delivery. To become a VIP member you have to have an order equal to or greater than $100 and have been upgraded for 6 months. Or have a repurchase of $20 within 3 months of the $100 order and you're moved to the VIP status.

Fashion bloggers are invited to join ZNU's Fashion Bloggers Program. The idea here is to have ZNU's fashions mentioned by bloggers on their website. For introducing ZNU on their blogs the guest blogger is allowed to receive discounts and in some cases clothing is sent with a value of $30 to $80. The blogger is ask to run giveaways on their blogs Sponsored by ZNU.

The following are the qualifications for the guest bloggers taken directly from ZNU's Guest Blogger web page:
First you must be an established blogger.
The bugger applicant must be female.
The Blogger applicant must be aged 15 to 35.
The Blogger must have at least three thousand followers on their webpage.
If the Blogger is on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and so on their followers must number at least 30,000.
And finally, the Blogger must have a love for blogging about the styles of clothing she Reviews on her blog.

Again taken from the ZNU fashion blogger special rules:
The fashion blogger has 14 days to publish the items sent to them by ZNU on their social network blog sites.
Once the Blogger has published photographs and comments on their website, ZNU requires the blogger send them an email.
ZNU requires that the comments and photos be link to their homepage ( or to the website product page.

ZNU's market has vastly increased with the use of the guest blogger program more people can review the clothing styles offered for sale.
Now potential customers are able to review the many different styles sold by ZNU online.
Fashion styles such as, Off The Shoulder Sweatshirts(, sweaters, blouses and all the other fashions that ZNU markets to the ladies of the world.

As always keep your eyes on the fashion blogs and remember shopwise, shopwell, shop ZNU.
Where To Shop For The Latest Off Shoulder Tops
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Shopping is an experience unto itself. The shopping experience can be positive or negative. Some of the negative reasons are pushy sales people, poorly displayed items, to many people in the store at the same time and some items are just too expensive. There is a negative technique that seems to really set shoppers off: Bait and Switch. You see an item advertised on sale, but, when you go to the store, the sales person directs you to another item. It is not the one you wanted and it is not on sale. Finally, the location is very inconvenient.

Now let's look at some of the positive shopping reinforcements. Location, where a store is located is important for enticing shoppers to return. Convenience, are the hours of operation in sync with customers schedule and lifestyle. The closer to a shoppers home the more apt they are to shop there. Knowledge, do the sales people know what they are talking about? Can they explain how the product they want to sell to a shopper works. How the items for sale are displayed is also a factor, does the interior of the store look inviting. And, finally, the price an item's cost is important for repeat business. That doesn't necessarily mean the lowest price. What a retailer charges for their goods reflects the overall value. Did I get a good quality product for the best price for the value of the product.

eCommerce (Online Shopping) has many of the positives and negatives as physical store shopping does. There are differences, for instance, online shopping there are no friendly salespeople to guide one along. How the web site is laid out is also a factor. Are the goods displayed online appealing, do you want to come back? Are the prices for the items displayed online competitive with the physical retail store? Well, there is an answer to all that.

Enter, the website appeals to the browsing shopper. The photos of the clothing displayed are modeled by real models, showing how the clothing looks on a real body. Displayed are the latest in Off The Shoulder Tops(, women's sweaters, and long sleeved tops. The web site has almost every style of clothing imaginable. has a price structure that allows for the best quality for the value. Shopping Women's Clothing( at just might be the best online shopping experience one ever had.
Shop wise, shop well, shop ZNU.
Off Shoulder, The Internet And Great Buys
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Shopping isn't something new, it has been around more than likely since the beginning of recorded history. The Romans shopped for their daily sustenance at the "Forum" or place outdoors. Vendors set up shop in open doorways and displayed their goods on wooden tables or in baskets. Like today, women did most of the shopping, buying such items as bread, fresh fish and meat. The shops located in the forum area were usually for the poorer residents of Rome. The high end sellers housed their wares in two or three story buildings, with the retail area on the first floor and living quarters on the upper floors. Some wealthy Romans had the vendor come to them and paid large sums for the goods they purchased. Just about everything consumed by Romans were purchased from vendors.

Shopping remained a tedious chore with customers going from one shop to the other to complete their daily shopping. The shops were often not position close together, so, the shopper had to run back and forth across town to complete their list. In 1785, the first shopping complex was built in St. Petersburg, Russia. Named Gostiny Dvor, it spanned over 570,000 sq. ft. and housed over 100 shops. In the U. S. the first mall, if you will, was the Country Club Plaza. Constructed in Kansas City, MO. in 1922 by the J. C. Nichols Co. The first covered mall appeared in Minnesota in 1958. And so, began the era of the shopping mall.

In 1982, Mintel, a two way "videotex" device using telephone lines to search phone directories, check stock prices, make train reservations and so on. It was considered a successful pre WWW endeavor. In 1984, the first online transaction was conducted at a Tesco store.
(The above information was gleaned from "purplewifi" The History Of Online Shopping, article dated 18th February 2015.)

Today, online shopping is a driving force to be reckoned with just about every major retailer owning an online website. Enter, a fast growing online mall, paying close attention to the Women's Clothing( needs of the fashion conscious online shopping female. On the website, she can expect to find the latest in Off Shoulder(, blouses off the shoulder, off the shoulder fashions anywhere on the web. She will find some of the lowest prices for women's fashion attire ever posted on a website.
Shop wise, shop well, shop ZNU.