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Created 2018-01-23
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Title Stay Tuned At Mmocs For Best FIFA 19 Coins

fifa 19 ultimate team coins for sale With the continued evolution of Konami’s excellent PES series EA can ill afford two years of poor reception as there’s now a viable alternative for football fans.

As such we’ve put together a wishlist of what we want to see from FIFA 19. We’ll also round up all the latest news trailers and gameplay info as EA reveals more.

Here’s what we know about FIFA 19 so far.EA has recently spurred talk that there may not even be a FIFA 19 as the series migrates to a subscription service that’s updated each season for subscribers. It’s something not entirely untested with the Madden mobile game being updated for the last three years.

I’m dubious personally. When FIFA still prints money I don’t see EA taking a gamble and moving to subscription just yet. The company did release the Euro 2012 game as DLC for FIFA 12 and given World Cup 2014 then became a standalone release you suspect it didn’t do as well as they’d hoped. Plus of course to switch to subscription you still need a base game – and it can’t be FIFA 18 so one way or another FIFA 19 is coming this year.

That FIFA 18 will appear on Xbox One PlayStation 4 and PC is a no-brainer. The good news is that after a five-year hiatus away from Nintendo FIFA 18 made its debut on the Switch. With the Switch continuing to sell like hotcakes it’s hard to imagine a world where FIFA 19 doesn’t make the leap to the handheld-hybrid.

Hopefully the large install base will encourage EA to make it a full conversion this fifa 19 ultimate team coins Last year’s good as it was was missing The Journey thanks to using a different engine – the same reason the PS3 and Xbox 360 editions missed out.

Yep it’ll be out in September 2017. October at a push but almost certainly September – and typically EA Access members get access a few days before everyone else so it may be worth looking into subscribing.


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