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Category Cars & Vehicles
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Created 2018-01-14
Owner playerhot
Title Mu Legend Whisperer Specialist skills
Description Mu Legend Whisperer Specialist skills Should have skills: Bombardment - Superior mu legend zen packs annihilation ability and excellent passive talent. In current meta ought to have on my mind. Berserk - same as Bombardment - second have to have the ability. Great passive bonus and multi valuable active ability. Two ways once you need to use it. 1st - whenever you run out of mana. Second, whenever you need do colossal nuke. But a lot more description about it later. Green sanctum - excellent buff talent, useless in situations when the party cannot stay in a buff zone. In the event, you attempt to use this skill just for your self in celebration play this ability pretty much useless, you've got enough more significantly far better alternatives, so undertaking wrong. Explosive shot - ideal in the most efficient AOE cheap mu legend zen DPS skills, ought to have for packs. Some time could be made use of on bosses, but you ought to ideally know DPS windows for not get lethal hit by the boss when casting ability.BY here now... well done!
Consumption 312,928.00 l/mile
Broken No
Price $ 0.00
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