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Created 2017-11-20
Owner ownher
Title Good news:Rs3gold offer rs 2007 gold with 80% off on Nov.22
Description Old School RuneScape official released some OSRS Mobile updates. They made lots of progress on OSRS Mobile and also had a build approved by the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.while, The Thanksgving is coming, enjoy your offer, more runescape 3 gold on Rs3gold.

This time OSRS is the first MMORPG of serious scale to attempt full cross-platform support and a mobile-optimised interface. It is a big project. They want can released to players with optimal functionality whilst ensuring app safety and stability.

Estimated release time, Maybe able to start getting the app into the hands of players in January 2018.

Real experience “Adventure Anywhere”, whether it’s on your PC or on mobile.

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