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Created 2017-10-31
Owner runschool
Title Get Safewow cheapest neverwinter diamonds to join 2x point
Description How long did it take to completely furnish the mansion?

It took me about a month to complete, as I only had a few hours a day to decorate. So why not to buy cheap ESO gold with 7% discount under Halloween Guides

Did you have friends or guildmates “test" the mansion out? What did they think?

Haha of course. J The feedback I received varied from “cool" to “scary" (mostly scary), but the funniest feedback I received from a fellow guild member was simply "What's wrong with you?!"

When you step out into the courtyard, it's as if you've entered a completely alien world. What was the inspiration for such a bizarre environment, and how did you go about creating the fleshy walls?

I played many horror games over the last few years, but the last one was DOOM and that was the biggest inspiration for the courtyard.

For the walls, I used the giant mushrooms you can buy on Vvardenfell. The idea came to me while I was joking around with a mushroom. A guildmate was running around in the courtyard, so I moved the mushroom and placed it directly in front of us. I then noticed its flesh-like texture and was inspired to use it.

I also used the glass crystals that you can buy on Vvardenfell to add the “slime “to the ground. Like the giant mushrooms, I bought them to create a completely different thing (a room made of crystals) but when using the editor, I discovered that the underside of them looked like slime. What better fit for a room made of meat?

ESO Plus membership helps a lot (even if the extra space is often not enough). Don't miss the Witches Festival event items as they'll also help to you achieve that creepy style.

In the home itself, set candles, torches, and fireplaces at night, and don't forget to visit the furnishing vendors in all zones. Some of them got a nice inventory update with one of the most-recent patches.

I have to say that because it can be expensive to buy all the houses and furnishing items, I need to give a big “thank you" to all the people who bought me stuff from the Guild Store.

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