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Created 2017-09-26
Owner Semmes
Title Wholesale Halloween Costumes
Description Battle of the bra, a 28-year-old girl from Beijing, has gone braless for nearly a year. She said it is the first time she has felt this wholesale halloween costumes comfortable since she started wearing bras when she was 13. "When I was a teenager, I couldn't wait to wear a swimwear manufacturer China because I thought they were so beautiful and a symbol of becoming a woman," Zhang said. "But in recent years, I got sick of wearing wholesale swimwear because the underwire pinches me, the bra leaves mark on my skin and sometimes, especially during the summer, a bra makes it difficult to breathe," Zhang said. So she decided to try not wearing a bra, wearing bras without underwire or wearing Nubra, a backless, strapless self-adhesive bra. More young Chinese women have become aware of feminism and pursue gender equality, according to Chen Yaya, a feminist and sociologist from Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. She said a small number of them are starting not to wear bras, and the number is growing. "Not wearing bras is still progressive behavior among young women; only a small group of young would do so," Chen said. "It's a common behavior among feminists in China who want to take control of their own body and care about their breast health more than if they are big and perky." "For myself, I don't wear a bra, mainly because I think it's uncomfortable and a bondage to women," she said. Other signs of the development of feminism in China include more women choosing to get married later or not to get married at all. They want to achieve themselves through career, school and other interests, and more women prefer boyish and gender-neutral looks now, according to Chen.
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