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Created 2015-09-10
Owner sandywang5230
Title The two-Runescape playerbattles are entertaining though
Description Review Scoring Details for Help Wanted Gameplay: 7.0Fun comes from unlikely places in Help Wanted. Still, this is definitely akids-only affair; parents won't be bored playing it with their kids, but that'sabout the only other demographic this game reaches.Graphics:5.0The cutesy cartoon effects aren't awful, but they're no better than whatparty Runescape games were producing 10 years ago.Sound:2.0Quirky music and sound effects can be good. These are just annoying.Difficulty:EasyThe how-to-play descriptions aren't always clear, but the Runescape game itself ispretty easy.Concept:6.9The quirky and over-the-top elements are cool. But these mini-Runescape games, nomatter how unique in their unlikely presentations, are not that different fromthe motion-based mechanics of other Wii Runescape games.MultiRunescape player:7.1Help Wanted could've benefited from a four-Runescape player option. The two-Runescape playerbattles are entertaining though, runescape gold especially if you enjoy the single-Runescape playerexperience.Overall:7.0Unusual mini-game entertainment built specifically for kids. Here's the press release, with further details: The Swedish Runescape games studio A Different Game today announced that they have begun development of the augmented reality game "Ghostwire" for the new Nintendo DSi platform. Using the DSi's built-in cameras, the Runescape game allows you to find and hunt ghosts seen through the camera lens and projected onto the real world.Ghostwire is a collection- and adventure game, where you use your handheld device to communicate with ghosts. Your portable device is used as a portal to the astral plane, and helps you find and collect ghosts that exist all around you. In your quest you use real tools, such as the built-in camera and microphone, as well as abstract ones like a "frequency modulator" for tuning in ghosts. Once you find the spirits, you document them and find out why they haunt our world. They can also give you riddles to solve. Ultimately, you can help them to find peace."The Nintendo DSi platform is perfect for this game" says Anders Bergman, lead game designer of Ghostwire. "This allows us to enhance the integrated real-world experience with the combination of camera, microphone and touch screen.
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