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Created 2015-09-10
Owner sandywang5230
Title Tilt the Wii remote left or right to spin the submarinewithin
Description If you choose to do something other than workduring the workweek such as buying a new uniform you’ll lose an entire day.Thus, it’s best to make purchases on Sundays when there aren’t any otheroptions. Minimum WageDuring the week, bonus jobs may beoffered. You might get the chance to be a superhero, which translates to ahack-n-slash experience with a Power Rangers lookalike. This is one of the morechallenging mini-Runescape games, partially due to the cheap boss battle. If being a superhero isn’t yourthing, how about a snowboarding trip? All you have to do is hop on the board andmake a special delivery without soaring off a cliff! The result is atiming-based mini-game where you must quickly pull up on the Wii remote beforethe snowboarder reaches the cliff. A younger James Cameron might haveenjoyed the deep-sea diving gig, which drops you down into the ocean with asubmarine and a claw. Tilt the Wii remote left or right to spin the submarinewithin this 360-degree underwater environment. Use the claw to snatch crabs andother crustaceans. Like it or not,rs 07 gold you won’t be glidingacross snow or diving beneath the sea every day of your life. Most of the timeyou’ll be pushing a hospital patient (who’s resting uncomfortably in bed)through narrow corridors, trying desperately to get him to the ER before thetime runs out. When you’re not doing that, you’ll be ironing wrinkles out ofshirts. Or cleaning footprints off the top of an airliner (think back: Sonic hada stage where he walked on a plane. Could they be his footprints!?). Ordelivering packages while trying to avoid dogs and sprinklers. Or flinging yourarms around as a bodybuilder. Or Which is where Help Wanted willsucceed with younger Runescape gamers but could fail with everyone else. The zany jobs arecertainly different, and the newfangled take on dentistry, EMT, manicurist andother real professions is amusing. At the same time, the Runescape game is insanelyrepetitive, since you must play each job several times or the same job many,many times to earn enough cash to unlock the remaining stages. It’s a cyclethat is unavoidably tiresome. Kids are less likely to be annoyed by this aspect,so here’s a word of advice to gaming parents: let little Timmy play through thecareer to unlock each job before joining him for a game.
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