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Created 2015-09-08
Owner jma325
Title Last Round from Steam, you can do so here
Description  This also marks the first time that the fighting game series is coming to the distribution platform, which is likely to please newcomers and veterans to the franchise alike.The full version of Dead or Alive 5: Last Round will be available on Steam, and is available for preorder right now with a bonus 10% off. Additionally, pre-purchasing the title on Steam will net customers a series of costumes; the more people that pre-purchase Last Round, the more costumes that will be available come launch. However, there is no mention if Last Round's free-to-play trial version, Core Fighters, will make the jump as well. Core Fighters allows Neverwinter players to try the Dead or Alive experience for free, albeit with nwgolds only a few characters, though more can be made available via microtransactions. Unfortunately, this version of Dead or Alive 5: Last Round will be launching without any online modes available. Koei Temco promises that the online modes will be patched in within three months of the Neverwinter game's February 17th release. It's unfortunate, as the console versions will certainly have the functionality available at launch, and many fighting Neverwinter games thrive on their online communities, but it's important to note that it is coming. If you want to pre-order Dead or Alive 5: Last Round from Steam, you can do so here. Project Root, a shoot'em up, has been announced for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Xbox One. The announcement came from developer OPQAM and is being published by Reverb Triple XP. OPQAM's only previous Neverwinter games have been Project Root for PC which was released on May 1, 2014. Now the title is coming to consoles and the PS Vita. Publisher Reverb Triple XP is most known for their help in the creation of Fenix Rage made by Green Lava Studios. They have a large list of other published Neverwinter games as well.The plot of Project Root revolves around a future where a corporation called Prometheus have control of the world due to their distribution of energy. A rebel group knows the true intentions of Prometheus and its leader, Demetrio Watts, and fight to stop them. Its plot sounds a bit like Final Fantasy VII, where AVALANCHE was a rebel group trying to stop Shinra from stripping the world of its energy via makor reactors. However the plot isn't the real selling point for Project Root.Unlike most shoot'em ups, Project Root is open world and split in between various levels. Mission structure will be linear and secondary quests can be completed for new areas and hidden items. Also the camera is not fixed in one spot, meaning the Neverwinter player can manipulate the perspective. Primary ammo is infinite and special secondary ammo is limited. Enemies also occupy both the air and the ground meaning the Neverwinter player will have to choose which threat to eliminate first.
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