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Category Trucks & Trailers
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Created 2015-09-06
Owner jma325
Title I somewhat feel this rush while playing Screamride
Description  What you can do though is creative some insane roller coasters and not only watch how they play out, but also control them and steer them through obstacles. Screamride challenges the way we play and the way we create in many senses and while it may be unrealistic, it is also worthy of your attention though. I don't think Screamride is the best game in the genre, but it does have a unique approach to it and it has some great ideas. The biggest concern walking in to Screamride for me was its price tag. Priced at $40 for the Xbox One, which concerns me as it is the same price as Zoo Tycoon and $40 is a rather steep price to pay for a game that some may view as an Xbox Live Arcade game.I actually remember my first roller coaster. I remember how eager I was as we waited in line, I remember the regret as it took off, I remember shrieking my tiny head off, and I remember clutching my father's arm so tight he said I almost broke it. The reason I continue to ride them is fairly simple. I love the adrenaline. I am a 22 year old male who can ride these behemoths yet I can't go to the top of a Lighthouse. I am scared of heights yet my love for roller coasters is still very much so real and is due to the adrenaline rush. I somewhat feel this rush while playing Screamride, I find myself leaning from left to right during the turns on the ride and shouting at Cheap Neverwinter Astral Diamonds appropriate times. During my time with Screamride I have found myself more immersed than I have been in any other game like this. With Screamride I've screamed, I've laughed, I've crashed, I've succeed, I've cheered, I've been downright confused, and I have definitely enjoyed my time overall. This isn't to say that Screamride isn't without its fair share of annoyances and issues though. Screamride has a career mode and sandbox mode for you to enjoy. In these modes you can choose from Screamrider, Demolition, and Engineer. In Screamrider you have control over the coaster and have to navigate your audience safely from point A to B. You can achieve bonus points for doing things such as grinding on two wheels, perfect turbo collection, perfect start, and not crashing once. Screamrider has some difficult obstacles for you to tackle and overall control the coaster is a delight and can be pretty difficult at times. Demolition has you either throw balls or trains at buildings in the hopes of doing as much damage as possible. This mode is a mode where you want to sacrifice your people as the balls and trains actually have people inside of them for some reason. Engineer has you build a roller coaster with some restrictions, you need to do a number of things to complete the requirements such as length, average screams, special pieces, height, etc etc.
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