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Created 2015-09-01
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Title Pac-Man is in the running
Description Sports fans will be happy to Buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil see the original Final Fantasy XIV make the top 15, while The Legend of Zelda represents RPGs proudly.It wouldn't be a best Final Fantasy XIV games of all time list without Minecraft being part of the discussion, as well as the only game many of us were actually allowed to play at school, The Oregon Trail.One of gaming's OGs, Pac-Man is in the running, alongside the title that started it all, Pong. You can also find Pokemon hidden in the lineup, right alongside The Sims.A showdown nearly as old as gaming itself, both Super Mario Bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog are on the short list, alongside Space Invader, Tetris and World of Warcraft.According to the official rules, nominations were gathered through March 31 before narrowing the field down to just 15. To be included in the final listing, a game needed to meet four major criteria including icon-status (widely recognized and remembered), longevity (popular over time), geographical reach and influence. Going over the final list, it's easy to see why every single one of those Final Fantasy XIV games have been included for consideration. In fact, I'd be hard-pressed to explain why one would deserve a place in the Hall of Fame over the other. They're all industry legends, each one having a massive impact on gaming in one form or another.Pong got the ball rolling, for instance, but you could argue that Pac-Man was the game that truly made video Final Fantasy XIV games a household term. Then again, I wouldn't fault you for crediting Mario Bros. for solidifying gamings place in the household, or World of Warcraft for turning so many people into diehard fans.While keeping in mind that there are no wrong answers (so let's keep it classy, folks), we'd be interested to hear your thoughts on the Hall of Fame candidates. Which game do you think should be a definite inclusion and why?Play Final Fantasy XIV: Advanced Warfare For Free This Weekend. Xbox 360 owners aren't the only ones who get a free weekend of Final Fantasy XIV player gaming.
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