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Created 2015-08-27
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Title the new title of fighting on home consoles at the moment
Description ´╗┐Police and thieves regulation battlefield, military and reputation series.Beyond First Person Shooter podiumAt see number 4: PlayStation Move Edition Minecraft, and came in ranked 6 by Minecraft: Xbox Edition of FIFA 15 ,, mainstay charts, resting in a number of games 5.Sledgehammer FIFA Duty: Advanced War in the ranking of 7 in the first person named to survive the Zombie Techland and death, light and occupies eighth place in the border region in top.2K in: Installation handsome and WWE 2K15 in the top ten in the vicinity, with blood-borne, and work PS4 exclusive role-playing game from Japanese developer programs and landed in the latest edition 12.From position any number of programs, and Dark Souls 2: Scholar original sin, found in 19th place, down two weeks last .The biggest surprise of all is the return of a dictator and building sim games City Haemimont FIFA ', Tropico 5 and landing at number 18, thanks to the unity of the nation PS4 debut with Sony.Mortal Kombat X has problems on the computer, not solutions offered by NetherRealms. Mortal Kombat X is one of the largest start-up spring season, and many players enjoy the new title of fighting on home consoles at the moment, but it seems that the PC crowd is some problems with the masses experience.Some Reddit title was complaining about events that occur in Random moments, especially in the list of options and about not being able to download all the files associated title.Gamers found similar problems on Twitter and the official website of steam Mortal Kombat X. At this time, the development team in NetherRealms studies do not make any repairs or workarounds. Fans expect that Mortal Kombat X problems on the PC connected to the way they downloaded a football match in cutting instead of all at once. The idea is to allow players to gain access to the early stages of the campaign, as soon as possible, while no other data are downloaded and installed in background.Unfortunately, add the rest of the title run smoothly for some players to play ball and all often experience failures are also served result.Mortal Kombat X also on the Xbox and PlayStation 4, but there were no reports of serious problems that are benefiting from Sony and Microsoft development team consoles.The need to go home as soon as possible, To solve the problems, or at least give players the opportunity to obtain the entire title In one download.Mortal Kombat DLC ambitious expansion X plansWarner Bruce and NetherRealms announced that it aims to provide new content to the address in the coming months.Characters will be the main focus of DLC packages, but some players are not interested in them, or the game of football is not working properly, up to that time.
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