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Created 2015-08-25
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Title we should be prosecuted in the study
Description ´╗┐This week, a group of anti-sectarian mouth of the Nile by the adoption of EU standards 'strict liability' adopted by the European Union and FIFA that and SPFL was limited due to the reluctance of member clubs to go to the far.In 2013 and called on clubs by SFA directs Stewart Regan and Campbell Ogilvie adoption of strict liability, and only five percent of the vote in favour.Regan said later that the Labour Party will be created to'thdid whether there is a significant deterrent to unacceptable behavior is somewhere between the current head of our principles and strict liability .'FA Greg Dyke admits frustration after the failed meeting was held in Northern Ireland bring technology closer to FIFA. Union Chairman Greg Dyke England have expressed dissatisfaction with the slow progress in the implementation of video technology after lawmakers delayed at FIFA said it would be 'bigger than the decision in the history of' how to play and judges played.With increasing pressure after a series of gaffes Dyke wanted to speed up help through the introduction of live testing in the same way the Dutch team has been done in the last year.But is not his point of view by FIFA and at least two of the three other British fisheries agreements, which constitute head of the International Football Association Board.FA Greg Dyke picture when you come to the Association of International Football Association Board AGMDyke does not want to 'target' incident Frank Lampard happen to provoke the use technologyDyke refused to condemn rulers as a result of Nemanja Matic - Ashley Barnes was an incident last week'I a little disappointed and said Dyke, that havn ' t got it more '. 'I'm a big fan of video technology. Dyke said it seems to me that if there is a way to help judges, and we should be prosecuted in the study, and if they work, and the adoption of the student them.'After IFAB further evaluation and more information about this case that the FA are ready to take over initiative in copying the current Dutch experience, surprisingly, has not been submitted to the organization Dyke, but not to FIFA.'It no reason to wait on the type of incident Frank Lampard, who helped in the goal-line monitoring technologies. We need to get on the front foot. You do not want to do without testing should be used to help judges, never on-governments them.'Dyke however, refused to condemn the state arbitration in the Premier League after a series of controversial decisions, highlighted by Ashley Barnes horror solutions for Nemanja Matic who was punished while Serbian ban on three football 16 matches - later reduced to two - one Capital said today final.Dyke understand the sense of injustice, but he defended the current rules make mistakes'. We are going to look again at the rules? Dyke said he did not think so '. 'You can not perform several incidents in one weekend and say the whole thing in crisis. She that.'Having not statistics show that during the period of time should look at increasing the use of video technology. In 20 years time we will look back and say: [b] is weird 'when not in use.
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