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Created 2015-08-25
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Title We FIFA 16 also disagree fundamentally with the IFAB
Description That expulsion proposal to allow a fourth alternative for use in external time.Sepp Blatter Pictured arriving to the general assembly meeting of the IFAB held in North IrelandPatrick Nelson said the IFAB feel trilogy penalties to deal with another man is also welcome harshDyke intent FIFA have World Cup 2022, which in December to play the final 18But controversial issue of the so-called 'triple punishment' - a penalty, red card and suspension - meted out for the players to prevent the chance to score goals in the past made progress.The headed and out of the agenda for several years without a solution. One suggestion was to turn red cards hiss, if errors were not considered violent behavior in order to overcome the lack of a coherent interpretation by the referees.Managers, players and fans believe that the rules too heavy and automatic IFAB agreed Cancel told, are suspended in one game FIFA approved legal experts presented a new theory idea.In double penalty could come into force next season.Patrick Nelson, CEO of the Federation of Irish football, organized by the IFAB AGM: 'IFAB agrees that the punishment is very difficult, and that we must find a solution. It is the will to move quickly on that statement matter.'A UEFA read: 'The European Union expresses its deep disappointment with the hope IFAB decision to refuse to provide with respect to our problem three punishment.'The with the law is mandatory red card penalty, which in many cases it is too difficult, and affect the murder games.'We FIFA 16 also disagree fundamentally with the IFAB view for one game suspension because point.'Dyke said that this is not completely shot quickly Declaration on the former Cardiff manager Malky MacKay conductTurning first ever winter World Cup in Qatar, welcomed the intention of FIFA's Dyke final play no later than December 18 instead of two days before Eid Birth formerly mooted.Dyke admitted FA Cup replays can be dismantled in order to adapt tournament of November and in December, and added: 'Of course we'll look at everything. Everyone knows that this season will be like nothing else. We wanted FIFA Coins it moved from the summer, so I can not complain. But if you read the FIFA technical reports at the time, they noticed that they were warned to give the tournament to Qatar in the first place.'Dyke also revealed that this declaration be made next week about an investigation into the behavior of the former director of Cardiff Malky Mackay - but probably not final. 'There will be a statement next week, said Dyke. 'I can not say more about it now.'FIFA intends to pay £ 135M to reassure big clubs in the 2022 World Cup key winter. FIFA intends to triple compensation for clubs to huge 135million pounds on the World Cup in Qatar in 2022, trying to keep the best teams in football final in Europe's own.
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