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Created 2015-08-21
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Title he investigation into FIFA's transfer their teenager
Description Even judges need additional ideas helpIf Wenger is to be taken away, and then the ability to use instant replay to determine the error, and thus, the simulation can only help the game in this area.Most people will welcome that, especially in the era became the essence encourage players to play football abroad to protect themselves by improving their technique, which lies on the) prevention of injury and b) free from kicks.This to win a modern scourge, and one of the biggest challenges facing the game in this technology moment.With on place, it will lead to much bigger than the head and game.Referees understanding 'Mike Riley visited Holland to see the trial system, where he was a judge will technologyTechnology movie was able to help the referees to take difficult decisions at key moments in the last Madrid weekendReal may encounter transport ban players such as Barcelona and FIFA investigation, two Venezuelans at the age of 12 years. Real Madrid could face a ban on the transfer of Barcelona after the opening of the investigation, signed by FIFA for years players.The football team will on Monday for the Brazilian midfielder Lucas Silva, currently only three days to a huge financial commitment to sign the 16 Snh- the Age Martin Odegaard.And, according to AS, suspicion in Spain it is that the club is preparing for the worst after turning off the unforgiving Barcelona with a FIFA transfer market over the next 12 months - warned any move to Real Madrid, Manchester United goalkeeper David de subject to signature of a teenager New Gea.Real Madrid Martin Ødegaard has hosted in the last training ground weekLucas Silva may be the last to sign Real Madrid made all the time in the investigation into FIFA's transfer their teenager activityNorwegian Martin Ødegaard is a 80K pounds a week Real Madrid ... Silva arrives at Barajas airport before the official announcement, like Real Madrid explores new football playerThe in Madrid focuses on two of those aged 12-year-old brought safefifa16coins from Venezuela in 2012.Manuel Godoy and Fernando Macias on the experience we were traveling with big clubs, but before they reach the River Plate, AC Milan and Madrid cut off by the intermediary is a football school in Spain capital.The first signed by Madrid in 2012, and the other two players at the age of 14 and signed in 2013 is now closed Rayo youth system Vallecano.Gareth Pile three points and 2-1 Real Madrid's victory in Cordoba victory SaturdayThe Madrid kept one point ahead of Barcelona at the top of Serie A month LigaMadrid and to provide all the relevant papers FIFA and prove that it does not violate article 14 in the wording of the judgment that allows signed only by agents of the 18S outside the European Union if My father was a footballer to move to the country where the clubhouse is located, and not to FIFA reasons.The Qaeda is in place to prevent the transfer of family clubs from countries outside the European Union, in order to sign a young football player.
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