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Created 2015-08-21
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Title Super agent Mino Raiola has expressed a strong desire to join the growing list
Description As some of your words touched me in my person, and my heart is deep and it is without your knowledge, what really happened.Sakho and Aaron Cresswell celebration against West Ham faithful in 1006. Ashton Gate'And great wrath, because after all my struggles day after day, season after season finally wear the shirt of my country and my family, and the only nation that matters to me - you doubt my love and my patriotism.'My lack CAN 2015 (African Nations Cup), my first, he could not be a dream painless.'The contributed to the victory My mom away from me this year, but did not die! 'Never doubt the lion sleeps in me, and I do not doubt the passion that burns within you .'Senegal accused West Ham of' disrespect 'when the attacker African Nations Cup finals withdrew earlier this month and threatened to consult ball football and the Football Association to prevent the player at the age of 25 years playing by competition.Sakho accompanied by his joyous team-mates football at the end of the day, including Carol, what I markerSakho the cross with his right foot, who scored 10 goals since moving to Upton Park in the summer and was crushed by the recurrence of a back injury against West Bromwich Albion on New Year's request for medical assessment .Senegal own a striker, as is their right under the rules of FIFA, but said that West Ham Sakho could not fly, and suggested that doctors Senegal was in London, and is not .The Hammers independent Senegal has sent medical reports and said the scope injury.FIFA would not comment on individual cases, as well as exams for the club to prove, but the provisions of Annex 1 countries: 'It is player, who was appointed by his association for one of its representative teams Football in the end is, unless otherwise agreed in the right combination, the right to play in the club, which was recorded in the period in which they were allowed to market or should been authorized in accordance with the provisions of this annexe.'This restrictions on play for the club must also be extended for five days in a situation where a player to be, for whatever reason, did not want or was not able to abide by up.'Sakho connections can occur in two the next 16 matches before the FIFA Africa Cup of FIFA Coins Nations ends and West Ham United, Liverpool and Manchester United play before the final tournament in February 8.Senegal are top of group C and need only draw with Algeria on Tuesday to qualify for the knockout stage stages.Mario Balotelli on a representative Mino Raiola explosions football and sets out to challenge Sepp Blatter for the presidency. Super agent Mino Raiola has expressed a strong desire to join the growing list of people willing to challenge Sepp Blatter, the FIFA presidency.Raiola God - which represents players such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Mario Balotelli and Paul Pogba, to name a few - is one of the most resistant on the current system, in place of the Governing Body FIFA, and believed that it was time for a change '.
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