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Created 2015-08-19
Owner sandywang5230
Title Players FIFA also appear on the belief
Description ´╗┐Since it was announced a new generation unit from the beginning, Microsoft has promised that it will provide a new way to watch sports and it will be interesting to see how the fans will react to Brazil now and destination of Brazil content.Play VideoLet Adriana Lima educate yourself on the difference between soccer and football - video. Because the models and cars go hand in hand, like peanut butter and jelly, or milk and Oreos, and this new advertising Kia Optima uses the same recipe for success, but ol still interesting results. It may be an old recipe, but the presence of Adriana Lima in one of the commercials always count on extra points. Or many them.Kia is the official partner of the World Cup in 2014, and although ut coins it may be a simple statement of a different kind of car we've seen it over and over again, as they also serve to show the viewer the difference between football and futbol.You maybe even describes what happened as educational when you consider that beat want.Americans own brand of football sports which were also known as American football. For the rest of the world, football is football. Lima from Brazil, a country that has always been a great performance in team sports, so it's probably the best teacher you could ask for. Also hot on the degree of her long legs (made longer by her husband killer black stilettos), and its great eyes, her figure is amazing (which looks even more amazing by the small little black dress), Lima out of the Kia tells the story of a group of players of FIFA (in the style the US), only what he thinks about football. It's oozing grace and alienation, and even if you can not help but wonder how she was able to walk with those heels on the grass, and seem convincing in her role as Saucy teachers. Players FIFA also appear on the belief that the end of the ad. Adriana Lima and Kia wants us all to put aside football and pick up the ball, and the official description of the Declaration reads. Well, if you want to Adrian, there is no option but to implement? Play VideoFIFA 15 Do you have to put in the tournament and play guest, the first pull shot. EA Sports and confirmed that both the championship situation and featuring the show will return for all platforms, and after the cut 4 versions.EA Xbox and Playstation equipment one sport is slowly detected juices Information about the film next football game, and the recent good news, and you revealed on the company's Twitter account, and will certainly delight many fans.After FIFA negligence include the development of a tournament in FIFA 14 next-generation platforms, flooded the company through a series of queries masses', demanding an explanation of this decision. Every time we create a new game of football, and we spend a lot of time in the review and evaluation of properties based on popularity and trends in the real world and the development of our resources, EA explains.
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