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Created 2015-08-19
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Title the ear able to survive in this environment
Description The ear is now displayed in the Museum of the ZKM Karlsruhe in Germany.Information together with publicly says that in order to create the machine, a copy of which is available above, the artist picked up the support of a certain Lieuwe van Gogh, who is the grandson of the painter scientists who brother.The Big Big Diemut Strebe worked on this project explained that according to their investigation of the matter at hand, Lieuwe van Gogh and Van Gogh Vincet are about 1/16 of their genes in common.This means that using genetic material taken from the great-grandson of the brother of the famous painter , Diemut Strebe and managed to collect and accurate reproduction of the original dishes Vincent Van Gogh's ear possible.What interesting is that no matter what he is alive, and said Diemut ear Strebe be fully functional one as well. Thus, the museum encourages visitors to whisper sweet nothings in his direction and wait for the computer programs for processing audio input. You can talk your ear. Is an audio signal processing using computer programs that simulate turning it into nerve impulses in real time. Speaker remains in monologues. A popping sound which is produced in order to explain the absence, not used, and shows the museum in statement.For at the present time, the ear is stored in a special liquid, which provides it with the nutrients it needs to stay alive. Diemut Strebe and his colleagues expect that all things considered, the ear able to survive in this environment for several years come.Although scientific community is no stranger to the idea of ​​using 3D printing for growing different devices, whether it's for transplantation or for research purposes, and this This is the first time this technology is used to make an art project. I use the flag in the foundation, such as the type of brush, such as those used Vincent paints, accompanying German artist Diemut Strebe for his work during a recent interview with the press, cited by PSFK.Vincent Van Gogh lived in the 19th century, Post-Impressionist works aside, it is well known the fact that at some point, and free time is one of his ears. FIFA Coins Although some argue that the artist himself distortion as a result of psychological episode, others say that he did it after getting into an argument with a worm friend.11 million years old lizard skull unearthed in Spain. The paper published a number of journal PLoS ONE discovery documents and an age of 11 million worm lizard skull Skull Spain.The measures only 0.44 inches (11.2 mm) in length, the scientists argue that belongs to the species undocumented by science, each Blanus mendezi, was found in the natural sciences informs.Although few remains of ancient lizards worm spread throughout Europe over the years, this skull is intact, and the first fossil scientists have so far encountered.
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