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Created 2015-08-12
Owner jma325
Title we make the rules, they are two-dimensional
Description ´╗┐This would be a powerful moment. Sad and triumphant at the same time. Something like the best superhero stories are.Oh, yes, it was. The feeling was great after.Speaking great superhero stories, and you have taken your childhood hobby / coping mechanism to the next level as an adult, I hear, and created the story of your hero. Tell me about it. Regulators are 9 vigilantes with extraordinary powers that go out of wood at one time, because there are things about justice and criminal behavior of the system that they can not live with him. Therefore, they decided a new approach to this problem, which turned out to take a little extreme. They take note of the behavior of others, and it is natural for them as a team, out of curiosity at first, and become a family. Then, the monster comes along who is planning to put in motion the end of the world and see it as their job to stop him. Because of the way they deal with the worst criminals, the government decided that it must be stopped, and that gives something secondary story plot.From part of the organizers that I read, it seems a bit dark in comparison with the most uncanny kind of at least compared to the DCU. How would you compare your company, says Justice League of the Marvel Universe? I wanted to write a story about these people, and then show that it can have a lighter side, the family as the other teams do not. I would say that we step outside the base. They have rules, and we make the rules, they are two-dimensional, three of us. They are less real, plastic if you will, and they have to think before the difficult choices that make the difference between life and death for people.So innocent in the end could mean, it's about relationships that make up (in the organization) ? Yes, very much about relationships. Laughing, crying, and when it's bad outside, standing side by side, and return to back.So, in a way this kind Hails back to you and your brothers play superheroes and the face of a monster in the form of domestic abuse ..Yeah life, I think it's like that time in life .you in my last conversation that we have Cabal Power Leveling listed some of your characters in the organization based on or inspired by real people. What can you tell us about that? And one of them on the basis of your brother? Nine Organizers are based on myself and the people I met at work in the coffee shop where I work. I would like to say that it is a private, people very interesting, unique and all share a love care for the heroes of the comic, which is strange. They are not what you would expect from employees. Doug Youngs surrounded by heroes who the characters are novels.So organizers' how have they inspired are the organizers? Without detracting from the story, how to share one or two of them will affect the appearance of your character?
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