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Created 2015-08-02
Owner jma325
Title Proposed valve does not have information page reporting the error
Description And he will lose the opportunity to get a refund. What with the Australian consumer protection laws that more means that you lose the ability to easily get to recover, but it remains a draw he may be right, but has no reason to take advantage it.Particularly ago that this warning has been established in the beautiful style of valves at the ends to talk about abuse of saying they do not think that an attack if I request a refund because of the recently acquired game went on sale, and you want to buy it at a sale price. This is what is going almost too far in the other direction, if you ask me, but hey, this is a new policy! Valve responds to open letter in terms of security, error messages and questions of transparency. Liam Gilroy, July 21, 2014 10:44 twice read the title and it can still seem unbelievable, but true, in the open letter of the community SteamDB and Team Fortress Wiki, etc., the valve again defied all expectations, this time through work such as the rest of the planet exist once.The open letter, entitled Open Letter to the safety valve apparently SteamDB practice late last week, and began to describe the situation for newcomers too long (overall presence of water vapor) and valve process of reporting a bug him a place in your programs and games of intrigue was one word It seems mysterious. Proposed valve does not have information page reporting the error, I sent e-mail messages tosecurity 'did not seem to be constantly monitored, some people elements of the game to get the bugs and other reports done so that the situation was more serious mess.The significantly increased when Heartbleed exploit discovered in April allowed a weak OpenSSL customers and partners value data leakage and put any password change policy (PS change the password of the stem), and aside from the bug tracker Cabal Alz men, she hid the possible security risk to commemorate his clients or partners.For members of the community for an open letter and press critical mass a situation where Tom? And banned Timmy Duda, one of the Euro Truck Simulator 2 developers to highlight security exploit. * Fed up with public confusion and lack of transparency and wrote an open letter and now reacted valve prove dreams can come true, if you reach the stars and do not expect anything crazy like the third game Half-Life or something.Along with new security Web site to explain the creation process, they are the interpretation of the good things, why some users did not receive any reports exploits, while others do not: each valve and team requirements and goals are slightly different when you are working on security reports, steam, so we decided to accept and thankfully, but the progress reports otherwise no formal incentives.
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