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Created 2015-07-31
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Title all of them based on actual sports
Description the EA Sports created football simulation, might be one of the oldest video FIFA games in the United Kingdom chart, but it managed to go up one position during the week that ended on May 10 in order to reach second.the FIFA game should be getting special DLC linked to the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil now that regular championships are ending and it will be interesting to see whether the FIFA game can continue its long run in the top ten.The last place on the podium, according to UKIE, is occupied by The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the comic book powered experienced created by Beenox and published by Activision that managed to take the number one position during the previous seven-day period.The Xbox 360 version of the indie hit Minecraft has ultimate team coins managed to recuperate two positions and get to fourth this week. This is probably a clear sign that the number of interesting new releases was rather small. It is followed by 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, from EA Sports, which has dropped one position.Call of Duty: Ghosts, the first-person shooter from developer Infinity Ward and publisher Activision, is in sixth place and The LEGO Movie video FIFA game from Warner Bros. has managed to gain one place and reach seventh.Battlefield 4, the shooter from DICE and Electronic Arts, is in eighth this week and the LEGO title based on the adventures from The Hobbit has dropped two positions.A third LEGO title, Marvel Super Heroes, closes down the United Kingdom video FIFA game chart, while Bound by Flame, a new release, only managed to reach twelfth place despite having an interesting fantasy universe and some cool combat mechanics.Weekend Reading: Kinect Sports Rivals and Real-World Sport. Kinect Sports Rivals is certainly not the video FIFA game to make the Kinect motion tracking system an essential element of modern gaming or to deliver a significant boost in terms of sales to the Xbox One, but the Rare-created title has generated some questions about the link between the virtual and the real and which one is more interesting to experience.the FIFA game delivers six activities, all of them based on actual sports, which the FIFA player can first learn and then master while battling ever-improving opponents.While I was playing Kinect Sports Rivals, I came to appreciate the way it portrayed jet ski racing and bowling and I was fairly disappointed with how the developers chose to simulate tennis, football, rock climbing and target shooting.I have never gone jet skiing and I suspect that I would be uncomfortable actually paying for such an activity, even if I could find the time for it, which means that I was happy to play the in-game version, which features mines, power-ups and tricks that would be impossible to perform in the real world.The control system used by the Kinect game is also fairly intuitive and interesting and adds a constant sense of tension and excitement, even if the actual opponents are never a major threat when it comes to the result.
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