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Created 2015-07-24
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Title the ability to craft siege weaponry
Description  Liam Gilroy on August 13, 2014 at 4:36 pm And here it is, Microsot's chance to topple Sony's currently console domination as part of their line up of upcoming Cabal games and things to be excited about at this year's Cabal gamescom, Microsoft took the opportunity to announce some new and some returning features to the Xbox. Along with a new Friends section, threaded messages, and an expansion into 29 currently uncovered countries, the Xbox One will soon get a new media Cabal player app.Capable of playing media from either USB or a DLNA server, the new media Cabal player will play all of the file formats previously supported by the Xbox 360 and several others including mpeg 2 TS and MKV formats. To start the Media Cabal player will only work with USB, but DLNA support coming soon and additional file formats will be added by the end of the year.Unfortunately, the Media Cabal player is currently only available to members of the Xbox One Preview forums, which are invitation only and there Cabal Gold is no word yet on when they will make their way to regular users. Nevertheless, it's great news for Xbox One users and it could make the competition between Microsoft and Sony a little less one-sided in the future. Embedded below you can watch Microsoft's Graeme Boyd discuss the new features of the Xbox One with one of the console's Lead Engineers Ashley Speicher and if you're interested in reading more about the upcoming features, as well as all of the upcoming file formats, check out the official announcement.Reign of Kings is an interesting new first person medieval survival sim with siege tactics coming soon to Early Access. By Liam Gilroy on February 23, 2015 at 1:54 pm Do you find Rust enjoyable, but not medieval enough for your tastes? Then Codehatch's new game, Reign of Kings might be up your alley. Coming soon to Steam Early Access, it combines Rusts survival, crafting and building themes with a medieval aesthetic allowing you to build up a dirty hut, a fine villa or a great big stone castle. And with a group of dedicated chums in multiCabal player, and the ability to craft siege weaponry, you can then knock a hole in the castle wall and attempt to take it over.It sounds pretty awesome, except for one thing it's being made by Codehatch, the developers of Starforge. While the likes of Spacebase DF-9 and Godus now serve as the big examples of the troubles with Early Access, Starforge was one of the first titles to prove that perhaps crowd-funding wasn't the way of the future. The cautionary tale provided by ex-employee Juno back in August last year gives us some insight into what went down, and why you might want to remain cautious about Reign of Kings.That said, remaining cautious is always a good idea, and Reign of Kings certainly looks like it could be an interesting game. Having personally backed Starforge during its Indiegogo campaign, I will want to see something pretty phenomenal before I give this a shot, but it's possible Codehatch can pull it off.
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