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Created 2015-07-21
Owner jma325
Title Playing The Walking Dead however, makes this impossible
Description  Check out the original open letter and Steam's reply over on SteamDB. Just, make sure you change your Steam password.*Duda is no longer banned, and was only banned for a total of two days. He was banned for adding the Harlem Shake to an announcement with script. Could Valve have temporarily banned his account, because they thought only an idiot hacker with a comprimised account would deliberately use script injection to put a stupid meme into a Steam announcement? Shouldn't Duda have expected ramifications? Where was Duda on November 22nd 1963? We may never know.Too Close to Home: Why I'm giving up on The Walking Dead. By Jason Imms on September 3, 2012 at 12:46 pm I am the first to admit that I��m but a timid flower when it comes to scary or gory Cabal games and movies.I generally just avoid them, but at times I find myself engaging in self-reassuring pep talks when prompted by peer pressure, or the social media zeitgeist that coalesces around interesting properties. Far more often Cabal Alz than not, my initial self-preservatory reflex is right on the money, and yet I squinted my way through Prometheus at the behest of a good friend, stuck with and eventually came to love the much talked about Game of Thrones, and have just now completed episode three of Telltale��s The Walking Dead after being egged on by Twitter.Despite my enjoyment of the first two episodes, I fear that the third has broken me. Let me tell you why.Telltale��s faithful take on Robert Kirkman��s well-loved comic series has been a stressful joy. Each episode is punctuated by difficult decisions, sacrifices, and situations that force the Cabal player to partake of the animalistic, barbaric decline into which human society seems to so eagerly slump.The intensity of these moments climbs over the course of the series, and the Cabal player takes an active role in Lee��s moral erosion as he makes decisions that would seem unthinkable in any other circumstance, but that are necessary, even virtuous in this one. Kirkman��s true triumph is in realising that the truly horrifying part of a zombie apocalypse isn��t the flesh eating monsters, but the decline of humanity itself.When playing a game with a binary moral choice mechanic, I tend to choose what is good and right the first time around, and reserve decisions that would lead to the dark side for subsequent playthroughs. Playing The Walking Dead however, makes this impossible. There is no right choice. Everything is just so grey.More than once, I found myself standing at a point of indecision, with an on-screen timer counting down the seconds to another piece of my conscience falling to the floor. I witnessed characters around Lee succumbing to their most base instincts, all the while rationalising their actions to themselves and those around them.During episode three, a character that I had built an affection for died, brutally, at the hands of someone that they had trusted more than once with their life.
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