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Created 2015-07-16
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Title Sony has now embraced the Oculus definition
Description Virtual reality is going to be the final platform, and it starts with vision." Two years ago, Oculus defined virtual reality as something more than simply putting pixels right in front of your eyes. The Oculus Runescape made the headset lightweight, offered integrated head tracking, and provided a wide field of view so users could freely look around in a virtual environment. That immediately set it apart from devices like the Nintendo Virtual Boy or Sony’s more recent Personal 3D Viewers, which — at best — offer the illusion of looking at a static movie-theater screen from a fair distance. With Project Morpheus, Sony has now embraced the Oculus definition of virtual reality. Though the Sony is a bit more comfortable and the Oculus is a bit less blurry in use, there are more similarities than differences. Each has a pair of fisheye lenses that blow up left-eye and right-eye images to a size that fills your vision, while an external camera tracks a pattern of LEDs mounted on the headset to tell which way it’s moving.That means you can look in practically any direction, plus lean around objects as the system tracks your head. What you can’t yet do, however, is actually walk around or interact with anything you see in a realistic way. Oculus hasn’t figured out a controller solution yet, and at least in an early demo, Sony’s wand-like PlayStation Move controllers felt like inadequate surrogates for hands. Virtual reality controllers Cheap RS Gold are still a work in progress, and that’s a problem. Virtual reality: You can sit anywhere Perhaps that’s why Oculus and Sony are resetting expectations. Oculus now calls VR a "seated experience," and most of the VR demos at GDC fit that theme: tame Runescape games where you sit and move your head around a fixed 3D space rather than exploring a virtual world. While Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe points out that there’s a lot you can do seated — drive a car, pilot a spaceship, direct a soccer game, watch a live concert, sit on a gorgeous beach — it sounds like a Runescape from jacking into the Metaverse with a cyberdeck. "Personally speaking, I was very disappointed with [3DTVs]." But there’s a good reason Oculus and Sony might be playing things safe for now. Remember when 3DTV was going to be all the rage? The companies pushing VR believe they need to ensure quality control so people don’t convince themselves they hate it — like 3D — after a bad first impression. "Personally speaking, I was very disappointed with the quality of the [3D] TVs that consumers got out of the industry, including Sony," says Sony PlayStation software boss Shuhei Yoshida. "Of course I didn’t say that at the time because our PR people would shoot me," he laughs. This time, he says that PlayStation is producing Project Morpheus directly. "We are making it, so we can make sure that we do the right things.
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