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Created 2015-05-09
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Title didn’t seem to Edwards to have that same security
Description Sexism was the second (within the industry) and fourth (within the content) biggest issues runescape gold in the most recent of the IDGA’s yearly polling of industry perception, making this more than just a liberal talking point. Working conditions was the top concern, and the perception of violence was third. Edwards cited unspecified studies that stated while women make up approximately 50 percent of the gaming audience, they compose only 20 percent of those making them. A “key to maturation” for the industry, according to Edwards, was the capability for content creators to speak out against industry trends or campaigns like Gamergate. The businesses that threatened to remove their services in the wake of Indiana’s original passing of their Religious Freedom Restoration Act earlier this year were an example which moderator Stewart Rogers of VB Insight brought up of that dynamic in action. Game makers, especially those operating independently of major publishers, didn’t seem to Edwards to have that same security.
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