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Created 2015-04-29
Owner qingfeng
Title they will be suspicious of your motives
Description If you have a low social sphere and try out for a school play, runescape gold the odds are you’ll be booed off the stage and whisked back to the chess club where you probably belong, dork. Similarly if you have a habit of disagreeing with your parents throughout your youth, and suddenly decide to empathize with them, they will be suspicious of your motives. Part of the problem with life simulators like ‘The Sims” is if you play those games as they’re meant to be played, they pretty accurately reflect the utter monotony and quiet desperation that is day-to-day life. Barely enough time in the day to eat, bathe, clean and work, let alone throw a party, learn to play guitar, buy a chemistry set or socially interact. And if we’re being honest, in that game after I spent 45 minutes creating a character I wanted to look and act just like me, my first social interactions were met with the encouraging messages “Sue-Ann thinks Paul is being awkward” and “Sue-Ann is uncomfortable”. Depressing…but true.
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