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Created 2015-03-29
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Title I missed this seminar
Description ´╗┐Guild Leader of Beartron, Revenance, Officer of Shadow of the Phoenix, all Eonar, US Alliance) but recently stopped due to lack of interest in the World of Warcraft. That being said, I attended WoW Fan Con with some trepidation. I have to say I enjoyed myself more than I thought I would. Utherverse's Virtual Wide Web technology is better than I thought it would be, and the keynote speakers were entertaining and informative about a number of topics, not just WoW. Star Wars: The Old Republic was also discussed quite a lot. That being said, let's get down to business.I arrived at the convention through the main lobby, went through the main hall into the convention hall and was met by a bevy of sights, including this.. um.. I guess you could call it a gem. VERY NSFW!Wut? Intrigued, or slightly repulsed, I proceeded inside to click on the embedded youtube video. Check it out below.I guess they were rather world of warcraft gold desperate to fill space (and I'm guessing Utherverse is rather adult themed in some areas), but it is what it is. I laughed either way. After that I headed into the Academy Hall to listen to the seminars and Q&As.Brian Shuster Making Gold SeminarUnfortunately, I missed this seminar, but I was told that it was extremely informative and gave basic tips on making gold for beginners such as buying out all low priced items of a hot market and inflating the market by relisting them at much higher prices, thus making you tons of gold. Here's some information on Mr. Shuster via the WoW Fan Con site. One of the pioneers of the internet, Mr. Shuster is the inventor of dozens of issued and pending internet technology patents. He created one of the first and most successful free web hosting companies in history. After creating several other highly successful internet ventures, Mr. Shuster founded Utherverse, Inc. in 2003 to develop a network of interconnected virtual worlds using a common platform. By 2006 the company was expanded to Canada where Shuster continued to innovate in the virtual world space, culminating in the release of the Virtual World Web in the fall of 2009. The VWW now boasts more than 60,000 user generated Virtual Worlds operating on a uniform platform and the world's first 3D Internet browser. Shuster's pioneering spirit continues as he continues to develop new use cases for the technology. Mr. Shuster started playing World of Warcraft many years ago, starting with Asheron's Call. He developed a character using add on software that he helped develop, which led to the creation of TradeBot, and within months his character owned 50% of the wealth of the entire user base. Mr. Shuster started playing WoW a few years ago and using similar strategies he was able to crack the WoW economy.
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