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Created 2015-03-25
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Title The current rankings can be found HERE
Description We are curious. In addition, the final of the Blizzard World Championship to be held during the convention. Place and date not known yet, where you can almost assume already that the event will again take place in Anaheim, California. In recent years, the tickets were ausverkauft.Du in a few days're looking for more news about runescape: Mists of Pandaria? But then take a look at our topic page link: Source runescape - New PvP Map and PvP achievements in November addition to all sorts of small changes appear in November of this year, a new PvP map. In addition, the PvP achievements obtained entry into the runescape game and the rewards for paid tournaments are introduced. RS 3 Gold The time has come, in the next few weeks to get the runescape players in runescape is already the contents of the upcoming updates. I'll begin with the new PvP map 'Temple of Quiet Storm', which is to bring the vertical element again significantly into runescape play loud ArenaNet. Based also on the map is many shooters who like spielt.Neben the new card get fans of the structural PvP now daily and monthly achievements that can be unlocked the development team. As a reward, among other things, tournament tickets and fame amplifier waving. Even the heroes window will disrunescape play more values on your previous PvP career and you can see exactly how many runescape games have you done with the class made and won, how many tournaments you have runescape played and how many skill points achieved wurden.Mit the skill points to participation in future (highly doped) Tournaments be regulated. The current rankings can be found HERE. There are also all sorts of minor changes. Thus, the known cards are divided in 5v5 and 8v8 future and the rewards for the paid tournaments were determined. A full list of all performed with this patch on PvP changes can be found in the notes to the same patch HIER.Du're looking for more news, information, photos and videos to runescape? But then take a look at our topic page link: All PvP patch notes in detail Eden Eternal - New Content Update released The Berlin publisher Aeria runescape games has today released the latest content update for its MMORPG Eden Eternal. The update extends the runescape game to a new class, new areas and dungeons. Also, the step limit has been increased. For the more adventurous of the online role-runescape playing runescape game Eden Eternal it's off today on a new journey. As the Berlin publisher Aeria runescape games announced today, a new content update for the MMORPG published. This increases the level cap to 65, brings the sniper a new class in the runescape game, and beckons with three new areas, quests and tons of fresh four new dungeons.
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