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Created 2015-01-23
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Title Canty: Patriots are 'line-steppers'
Description 5, 2012, I noticed that the Giants were cheating their defense up over and over -- and getting away with it. Brady completed 27-of-41 passes for 276 yards with two touchdowns and one interception in New England's 21-17 loss, and the longest reception was a 21-yard strike from Brady to Patriots Tom Brady Womens Super Bowl Jersey Chad Ochocinco at the start of the second half. Brady threw a 19-yard pass to Deion Branch as the Pats tried to mount a comeback attempt near the end of the game, and those two completions were the only two in which Brady targeted a receiver deep and made a completion. He threw four deep passes during the entire game, with a long incompletion to Rob Gronkowski and a drop by Wes Welker comprising the other two. But if you were watching closely, things started to change a few years back. Sitting high up at Lucas Oil Stadium as the Giants Patriots Super Bowl Jersey and Patriots faced off in Super Bowl XLVI on Feb. When he's on the field, as he has been through most of the 2014 season, Gronkowski is almost impossible to stop. Pro Football Focus has Brady's deep passing numbers since 2007, and the difference from then, when the Pats had the most prolific passing offense in NFL history, to now is pretty graphic. In the corresponding seasons, the Patriots' passing game has reflected a short-passing sensibility to be sure, and 123NKidhLdh that probably started in the 2010 season, when New England selected Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez in the draft. Hernandez' Vince Wilfork Patriots Super Bowl Jersey s career was obviously waylaid by offseason issues, and Gronkowski's on-field dominance has been delayed at times by injuries. But the inability to replace Moss as a true deep target has definitely affected Brady's ability to throw deep, and in truth, this may be less a concern than a systemic change of mind. Outside of the 2007 and '12 seasons, Brady has been in the middle of the pack among deep throwers over the last several seasons. Is personnel the issue? To be sure, he had Moss at his best in 2007 and an unexpected rebound year from Brandon Lloyd in '12. Oth Vince Wilfork Super Bowl Jersey er than that there are no receivers you could call consistent deep targets. Is arm strength an issue? Not really -- even a cursory look at Brady's 2014 season would tell you that he can still drive the ball. First, Brady hits Julian Edelman for a great 44-yard gain even with his feet improperly planted.
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