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Created 2014-12-09
Owner parkoo
Title FIFA has been football fresh
Description Whose bright idea was it? Who will take the credit? By Matt: Well originally again in the Champions League 7.6, so I started with the same situation in which FIFA has been football fresh throughout the season and has allowed us to do something different with that license. The idea was to come up with something that connects with excitement for the collection of players in the school, swapsies, things like that, which I think is something football fans and players have a connection with. So I came up with the idea about that, but it was a different animal because when there is currently small and transactions in that time. Eventually grew to be when we came to FIFA, but basically it was intended that the users, we can dream of building ultimate team.One your key points in the original idea was to live very differently, and we want to make sure it's not a FIFA 15 does not end, ie, that it was not just about getting the best 11 players and then we were ready, chemistry, so it was an important part of it and the idea of ​​this kind of creates infinite possibilities, because it depends on FIFA Coins the cards that if what we saw, and what was the intent of design that people build different maps based computers to receive, so maybe you have a station traveler who had good English and play 4-4-2 in the future, 'd messages look like that, so you can get the pop-up chemicals. These parties are conducting a very different dynamic in terms of appearance, depending on who you have. So it was a different experience for everyone, because if you have the best 11 players in the world, you do not have a better ultimate team because of the chemistry implications.That was an essential part of it and the other, which can be expanded by what was not only to get your ultimate team and then has been done for you. Was an essential part of the contract and that back in the day we had training and a lot of other things. This was the key elements of this concept, and when she was a few years ago we started working on the Champions League 10.09 but then decided to extend, so we had to look at design.Originally license will not negotiate to achieve this was another concept, which was based on an important part of technology that we supply geweestte capable, and therefore the situation again we were a little on the course without the concept and made it the first time that I propose to make a trade this item again.
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