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Created 2014-11-10
Owner parkoo
Title To buy the best potions
Description To buy the best potions, materials and equipment in the game, you need a lot of gold. If you're first starting out and the game still has a lot of gold, you can do several things to build a scroll, to raise a variety of rsfunny skill levels, while time.Go to the city of Lumbridge and between chicken feathers. Kill all the chickens and collect the feathers. The sale of these sentences of five to 10 gold pieces (GP) each. If you leave the area and return, return the chicken, so you can do it as many times as you like.Leave Varrock city road, where there are shops. Walk to the left to see the hill with many level 7 and level 20 opponents. Take a bow if you have one, or any other weapons and defeat opponents. Capture the legends that were removed and sold to stores or other deposit players.Enter coal south of Lumbridge. Coal Mine until you have at least 100 pieces and sold to 10,000 GP.Go Draynor bank to the banks of Karamja and fish for lobsters. The sale of each lobster for 250 GP.Go Temple chaos and killing monks inside. Capture and sale of steel rods that were removed. These wands for sale 138 GP each.Start business when you have a lot of GP. Get other players to mine iron or other stones for you, or have them collect items that can be sold.
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