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Description [History Essays] Wenzhou historical and cultural celebrities precious data selections
someone said, Wenzhou is a cultural desert, only the business field in Wenzhou, Wenzhou will make money. Today, however, we Wenzhou ten historical and cultural celebrities to introduce the reader, but it is a powerful answer: Wenzhou not only money, but also very literate. They are representative of Wenzhou, Wenzhou is also ten business culture of the city. This ten business culture full of heavy cultural heritage, which reflects the cultural heritage of Wenzhou body. To this end, the cable television station in Wenzhou, Wenzhou Literary Federation jointly filmed television series "Wenzhou historical and cultural celebrities," and to meet with you <a href="">Abercrombie And Fitch Stockholm</a> last night. Ten had been on the stage of history and even China Wenzhou glittering figures are coming to us. They are: Chinese landscape poetry originator, Yongjia Prefecture Lingyun; Song Dynasty thinkers, the main representative of Ye Shi Yongjia school; Ming founding fathers, the famous statesman, military strategist, writer Liu Ji; drama in the history of <a href="">Abercrombie And Fitch Belgium</a> remarkable playwright, "Nanqu ancestor "high-cheng; lifelong commitment to scholarship, Societe Generale, do school Pak guru a Summary; Ci guru summer Chengtao; famous mathematician, educator Buchin; famous carving artists party referral worthy; famous literary historians, theater historian Wang Jisi; excellence archaeologist, one of the founders of modern Chinese archeology Xia Nai. Xie Lingyun (385 - 433) Chinese landscape poetry nose Yang Xia Xie Zu Yongjia Prefecture (Henan Taikang) who later moved Hueiji Shining (now Zhejiang Shangyu) Ye Shi (1150 - 1223) on behalf of the Song Dynasty thinkers Yongjia school principal character is regular, No. Shuixin Wenzhou Liu base (1311 - 1375) the founding fathers of the famous statesman Zibo Ming Wen, Wen Cheng Southland people high-cheng Southern Drama Zurui An excellent playwright Town of cypress village a Summary Court (1848 - 1908 ) guru Zi Zhong Yung Park, Ryan Chengguan people Xia Chengtao (1900 - 1986) Ci Zen master word Qu, Wenzhou City Party referral worthy people (1901 - 1987), the famous carving artists such as word-po, Wenzhou people Buchin ( 1902 -) famous mathematician academician Wang Jisi educator who Pingyang Tengjiao (1906 - 1996), a famous cultural and historical home theater historian scientific name from the king, who wuyan Ou Xia Nai (1910 - 1985) laid the foundation stone of modern Chinese archeology One word for Ming, Wenzhou people