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Created 2014-03-05
Owner tghinrnxyu
Title Oakley Brillen Zang sideways escape a stick
Description Volume Taoist whether they were robbed of 118 Buddha or road? _ Journey was eastbound _ ideas off 118 whether they were Buddhist or road? "Goku! Hugh was rude!" Zang restrained the people are going door to the monkey chops. Mentoring a few people from the treasure as the country, mountains ridge walk over a few days, went to a village. Zang it is intolerable to the monkey of the so-called "Zhaifan", so long did not run for the Tripitaka personally pitched to the disciples demonstrate how alms, and spend the night. Is not it come dusk, then forward again luxuriant forest, had to first spend the night in the village before a late. "Oh, the elderly, Pinseng Zang, Datang comes from East soil, this rì through here, I do not know the elderly Can open the door." Zang-mannered off the door of an elderly says. That old is scolded: "I control you Datang or pak, you are not welcome here, we brisk outsiders, especially monks.." Zang and sè Yan Yue said: "The elderly, and people with already cheap side . easy thing Moreover Pinseng mentoring by letter, but the night, dawn and go, does not cause a nuisance to you, "the old man shouted:." you do not do these things Zeitu farming, we did not have surplus to you, there is no place for you to live your faith Get out of here, not my home A big back, set to interrupt people's dogleg "Zang face suddenly dark, said:.". elderly, please avoid further abuse, Pinseng . apprentice big for me just like to apologize for the poor ...... no, "the old man took the cane will play in the Tripitaka,Moncler Jacken, then shouted:" You do not Fana monks trouble, you will not find another home ah our house. inconvenient, Get out of here, "Zang sideways escape a stick, said:.". elderly, if they do not want to spend the night Well, why blaspheming it, "the old man listened to but it is even more angry,Moncler Jacken, and just not closing doors , open the main door and rushed out to Zang fight to stick vocal. Zang said: "The elderly Please pacified, MO hands." Zang hide behind, suffered a few stick, no longer calm not, then shouted: "The old, old guy you then try to move my father dozens of chapters that do not look funny? do not get angry, really good when the old monk from the ah. "the old man surprised a moment, and then even further to fight. Zang shouted: "The!! ..! I rely on a Tuo Buddha Amitabha, the Monkey King Pig Monk you can cut him on the old monk does not get angry, really good when I was a holy Pinseng ah" little monks Seeing this, rolled his eyes, stalls this master really humiliating. The past few months, Zang good performance, but also that he has repented, and was originally never personally pitched sake. The elderly have been thinking about for a swift and fierce that he can, if able to top his son came back perfect, but such as the monkey, pig, who approached, and he did not know he was too naive, what are these monks, clearly monster ah,Moncler Doudoune, the
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