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Created 2014-02-17
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Title Goedkope Uggs Online &quot
Description class contradictions and ethnic conflicts, the victory of the October Revolution and the struggle even more to stimulate the enthusiasm of people of all nationalities. October 1918, the defeat of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the national democratic revolution flames quickly spread across the country. October 30, Budapest outbreak "Autumn Rose Revolution," worker soldiers uprising overthrew the Habsburg rule in Hungary, Canada Goose Femme Hungary gained national independence. November 16, Hungarian Karoly, Billiga Uggs led to the establishment of a bourgeois democratic republic. Karoly Government has implemented a number of reforms the nature of bourgeois democracy, but it can not solve the problem of food and clothing economic collapse caused by the war and the people. Just at that moment, the victory of the Russian Ugg Danmark Revolution and the development of the German revolution, greatly to the guidelines of the nascent republic of Hungary. In the first four days after the establishment of the Hungarian bourgeois republic, that is November 20, 1918, the Hungarian Communist Party was founded, its members mainly from the left-wing Social Democrats and took part in the Russian Revolution, had just returned to the advanced elements of the Russian leadership Kuhn who is Bella. After Hungary were established to follow the example of the Russian revolution, the dictatorship of the proletariat and to determine the Soviet Socialist Republic of fighting for their own slogans and short-term objectives, and to this struggle, thus opening a new chapter in the Hungarian revolution. Development of the revolutionary movement in Hungary, Karoly government caused extreme panic, so in February 21, 1919 to the Communist Party launched an offensive, Kuhn led to the arrest of most of the Hungarian Central Committee and other leaders, the destruction of the party central organs and organ "Red News" editorial department, the Communist Party was forced to go underground struggle. Karoly government atrocities aroused great indignation of the masses, have carried out around the massive demonstrations and strikes, to mid-March, 11 states and the cities of Debrecen officials were expelled, a large number of the right-wing Social Democratic Party controlled by the Soviets turned to the Communist Party, the Social Democratic workers quit to join the Communist Party, the soldiers began to tend to the revolution in Budapest, Karoly government has virtually paralyzed. Allies on March 20, 1919 issued by the French Colonel Wicks ultimatum to the Hungarian government, requires its territory 2/3 to Romania, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia, and allow the Allied troops through the territory of Hungary, otherwise occupied the whole territory of Hungary. Of course, the Allied Group's ultimatum, but also with the intention to curb the Hungarian revolution, because the rapid development of the Hungarian revolution of the Allied Group also caused unease, they fear the light hitting the Russian Revolution of Central Europe. Poor Karoly Government
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