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Created 2014-02-16
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Title oakley briller a network called 868
Description . Yiwu International Trade City, said the police investigation of drinking water taken from the deep well. Kowloon Evening News reporter asked about the three businesses, two families called "water nothing is salty," there is a known, open the faucet, after going out for a few seconds, "the water was clear." As for the quality of housing, some houses have spread the cement floor, uneven, really good sound insulation between the floor of the room. As for the original text, "more than 95% of real estate, there are cracks in the wall", "Mr Lee said: 'This house, a few will be able to gently with a hammer smashing through, kicked can kick a hole.'" And so on, housing Quality need professional quality reports issued by the department, the digital issue Reporter bad estimates. In the June 28 "Dahe" A14 version was published this one entitled "posing as reporters to extort civil man Moncler Jacke was arrested" message. June 29 morning, Chengdu TV interview with two reporters this incident, civil rights Yiwu International Trade City was seven or eight individuals siege, VCR was hijacked, the reporter was hit. The two reporters were taken away by police after the alarm has gone echo. Internet users questioned for the matter, that someone asked this or that question. Evening News reported that the Beijing-Kowloon, police said Sim: Wang received two million in cash and put it in a shirt pocket, said during the "left", a network called 868,584 netizens said: I tried really 2 million in cash The does not fit their "left jacket" pocket too! A netizen also jokingly said: Is it a check? ! If the check is received and also given what offense? There are friends think: why is Wang Yiwu International Trade City, 20,000 yuan of money? Give him 20,000 yuan money and what does it mean? If Wang Yiwu International Trade City is really accepting delivery of 20,000 yuan of money, what kind of punishment he should bear? If Moncler Daunenjacke there moncler jackets is no money, Wang said, then these witnesses Yiwu International Trade City, have to bear what responsibility? ! User Yugongyishan 4169 review in writing "yes" reporter "extortion! Or "police business" collusion framed media people? "Commentary said: In recent years, a number of genuine and fake reporters the banner name of people's livelihood, under the guise of negative news in the interview, to be interviewed interviewed units and get money. Some representatives of our government's image of law enforcement agencies and law enforcement personnel, in order to take advantage of the terms of reference skillfully taking silver, "fishing law enforcement", "official bandit a" collusion "wealth", extortion national interests of the people of incidents continue to occur, so that the majority of people Cutting hate . We call friends speak up media reporters. Our friends call servant of the people to enforce the law. A netizen named First Warriors made seven of
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