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Created 2014-02-15
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Title Bottes Ugg &quot
Description this time, Chen Tang Zhizhi got hit because of rheumatism, his arms are not normal flexion and extension, the Emperor forgave him the ritual of worship, so that he will talk about the segments were things of view. Chen Tang first decline, the emperor said: "The country is now in a hurry, do not Outlet Woolrich Bologna Chen Jun sometime the." Chen Tang said something a surprising words: "Chen Yi does not have to worry about this thing." Emperor asked him why, he said:?. "Hu Bing Han Bing's only for a five combat, arms behind why I recently heard We learned a lot from here, it is nothing but three pairs a Bale. art of war says 'offensive strength is doubled and only then can the enemy half the defenders', now surrounded the troops were not enough to overcome will be cases Majesty not concerns. Besides Dunhuang sent military forces to useless, you know fifty miles a day in Ugg St?vler lightly armed troops, heavy equipment on line ten miles, we calculate the segment will be Goedkope Ugg cases where the number of days, so go to the emergency can not be considered troops of the division only be revenge "EMPEROR listened Zhefan high theory, skeptical:."??? then how do you think you will be able to rescue the rescue when able, "Chen Tang Wusun people even know when the resistance had been bullied Zhizhi dare not, must not be long attack. He said, "now siege!" Pinch said as he calculated, said:. "Not 25, there must be good news," Four days later, the front-line troops to the book, said Wai has been understanding. Great General Wang Chen Tang made immediately petitioned to let him engage in problem Zhonglang, military to Chen Tang toe. Chen Tang Zhijun strict laws, good capitalize on the trend, but also into other people's opinions is heard. On the other hand, he pulled a fortune hobby also never change, people often receive money for others petitioned Zoushi, because Chen Tang's personal letter obtained letters designate, then step by step mastered Han authority, that person is Wang Mang. "Han", said, Chen Tang finally petitioned to provide paid services because of bad trouble. This is an important system Speaking of things from the Han Dynasty. Since the beginning of the Western Han emperor Liu Bang original, Ling Yap had set up beside the mausoleum into a system, the government will move to foreign despots Ling Yap well-off, in order to ensure the prosperity of the expense and the cemetery hill, but also easy to control, eliminate hidden place on. Emperor had a lot of movement in the Kanto despots to shut, many of whom were moved to Changling, Changling town population and up to a maximum of 18 million and more. After that, next to the Emperor Hui, Emperor, Emperor, Ling Zhao Di, etc. are also set Ling Yap. Thus it is also known Xianyang mausoleum "Wuling original." When this system to the Emperor stopped. After Confederation throne, from the beginning of the first tomb, and later fancy Baling Quting piece of land south. Time will be Dajiang (Responsibilities
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