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Title Nike SverigeRobbie Rogers;The aftermath of a gay f

The first step is always the hardest -- but the second is just as challenging,Nike Skor.

Once the dust has settled, the well wishers have moved on and the interviews have ceased, there's the realization that there is a world out there -- waiting to be confronted.

"For 25 years, you've lived a certain way and with distance," U.S. footballer Robbie Rogers, who now plays for Los Angeles Galaxy, said in an interview for

 "World Sport Presents: Journey of a Gay Athlete" documentary.

"You're afraid to tell people and be open with stuff and so it's hard to just change. A lot of gay men and women who aren't out and don't really accept that
they're gay, live with a bit of self-hate.

"So I hate to be so blunt about it,Billiga Air Max, but hating yourself is very damaging."

Rogers' escapism came through writing -- notably his blog, on which he announced his revelation -- and therapy.

"To live for 25 years or for some people, 40 or 50 years, that doesn't go away quickly," said Rogers,Billiga Nike Free, who has also written a book "Coming Out to Play," which is released later this year.

"It takes a long time. It takes a lot of writing and a lot of friends to speak with and therapy,Air Max.

"It's serious stuff and sometimes people forget. They'll say 'Oh, you're out, everything's probably great. You seem so happy.

"It's like, 'Well, you knew me before I came out and you thought I was happy, so you don't know.'

"It takes time but it's definitely progress,Billiga Nike Skor, and positive progress."

Rogers was 25 when he broke the news that he was gay on his blog, having just left English second division club Leeds.

It's a piece of writing which still brings out fierce emotion in man who had decided that he would longer be able to reconcile his love of football with a yearning to be free.

He promptly retired from football -- only to return in May after being offered a deal to play in the U.S. with LA Galaxy.

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