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Created 2013-12-31
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Title The Recommendation of the Winter Cycling Jerseys
Description The Recommendation of the Winter Cycling Jerseys<br><br> Another winter has quietly come, but still can not inhibit the our enthusiasm.Winter is no longer our rest period, but we have another season of cycling.Asymptotic cold winter, in spite of the enthusiasm of the cyclists are the most important, but has a comfortable riding gear, will let us ride more get twice the result with half the effort, will make our trip more comfortable.<br> <br> A. fleece long sleeve cycling clothing<br> If you have a lot of <a href="">cycling jerseys</a> of this kind of fabric is suitable for the season may have error, despite the name "fleece" words, let a person feel warmer, but in fact this kind of fabric wind and thermal effects are generally, usually only suitable for wearing around 20 degrees temperature, in late autumn or early winter will feel very cold. Fleece fabrics are more popular at present, because they are the same as the element of summer fabrics, is polyester, suitable for printing, so diverse styles, fashion and beautiful, can meet the personalized needs. But in terms of practicality, general. And fleece material, compared with summer fabric,general elastic, so suggest when you choose, you can appropriate a bigger size.<br><br> B. wind cycling cloting<br> Is wind coat that now a lot of people dressed.General wind coat , windproof effect is very good, <br>weight is very heavy, is not convenient to carry, can accentuate when riding drag.wind coat, relative price is lower.But due to the relatively drab, wind coat general color and generally for monochrome, personalization in general.wind coat, of course, also can do printing, personalized needs.<br><br> C. Winter Composite Cycling Jerseys<br> Such clothing, as the name implies, is winter wear, the so-called composite fabrics, mainly consists of three layers of composite material, the outermost layer WIND OUT WIND material, layer flannelette heat preservation material, therefore can achieve very good WIND warm breathable effect.Such <a href="">cycling jerseys</a> design is compared commonly slant leisure, functional diversity, daily wearing is very appropriate also.So if is to choose the winter in his/her jersey for cyclists, suggest you choose this kind of style.Another similar fabric made of wind pants, is also suitable for wearing in winter. <br><br> This is a little advice, hope to give you help when choosing <a href="">cycling clothing</a> in different seasons.If you have other questions, you can ask by other ways, we will answer carefully. songyingy-p20131231
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