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Chapter 2 abnormal condition competes

I repeatedly mean to approve, once the earthquake teacher's air change, he thousand calculate ten thousand calculate also have never thought we will choose over there, is the director of deluxe evil Royal law school, he certainly knows ugg boots outlet the price there.The bitterness says with a smile:"Be also getting tooer costly there.You can change 1."
I and the wood son determinedly shake head together, the wood son says:"Do not go, if want to change, that you change cheap ugg boots other people to go to, we didn't take part in ugg boots for sale to compete."
At shake a teacher heart in, the wood son doesn't go in fact two can, mainly is me.He lowered the head to want to think, if the wood son doesn't go to me also affirmative don't go, calculate, once he grind teeth and say:"Is all right, settle so."After can anyway seeking tie prince to submit an expense account him to also not grant?Ha ha.Thought of here, Recent Artcle:
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